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Fayesfurry: The Hen Party (2012)

The Hen Party
By Fayesfurry

Clarice's hen party had gotten a little out of hand. The drinks had kept coming and as should be expected the alcohol washed away their inhibitions throughout the night.

[The Greatest Show Series] No. 11 - Demon-Man: The Grande Finale (2013)

The Greatest Show: The Grande Finale
By Demon-Man

The evening went on with many more weird transformations, often involving people from the audience.

While Vailan watched most with a mixture of macabre curiosity and pure disgust, Ginger was obviously enjoying it greatly. In fact it seemed to Vailan as if she was getting more and more restless as time passed on. She seemed to be....aroused? The idea repulsed him but it made sense. He knew about her fetish for the heavily transformed but seeing her like this still made him feel uneasy.

CorvusHoax: Dschum (2013) (German)

By CorvusHoax

Brande: Loosen up (2013)

Loosen up
By Brande

Estyz: Models and Ladyboners (2013)

Models and Ladyboners
By Estyz

Bobboled: A dishonest Accident (2013)

A dishonest Accident
By Bobboled

Lissandra all but skipped through the halls as she made her way to her dorm room at the college. She was giddy with excitement, and it showed; her smile split from ear to ear and her fingers played eagerly over the bottle she was carrying. As it were, what was in the bottle was the cause for her happy demeanor.

Fayesfurry: Jayne's Transition (2013)

Jayne's Transition
By Fayesfurry

Jayne opened the package and started placing the contents out on the side. The package contained a number of different lotions in vibrant colours that would add up to a new life for her.

She was still sat there head supported by her hands, staring at them, when her boyfriend came home.

"Hi Jayne I'm home, you wouldn't believe the day I've had." he shouted as he kicked off his shoes and hung his coat in the hall. "I'm going to take a shower then I'll be right down to help with the dinner."

Fayesfurry: The Club (2013)

The Club
By Fayesfurry

Daryl had been waiting for today ever since he learned that his childhood sweetheart had started working at the local strip joint. They had grown up together shared so many first moments, including their first fumbling forays into the world of sex.

As the boys and girls at school had started pairing off he had felt sure it would be him and her that would fall naturally and strongly in love and outlast all of the other young couples.

Rachel M: The secret Lives of Cockwomen

The secret Lives of Cockwomen
By Rachel M

Episode One - The Wild Cockwomen

Here in Freya life is calm, lived at a relaxed and sedate place life here is easy and good. Far from the busy Empire with its 9 to 5 office hours, twice daily commute and stress upon stress. We turn our attention to one of the most controvertial and numerous group of transformed females here in warm sunny Freya, the cockwomen. Today we examine one particular sub-group, the elusive wild cockwomen.

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