Demon Curse Part 3

Demon Curse Part 3

By Beowulf

Marsha looked around with her demon eyes into the moonlit night. With her new enhanced vision, she could clearly see everything as if it were almost broad daylight. She could see how about 500 feet away a badger was stalking it's prey, how a bunch of crickets moved over the lawn in front of her, chirping away in the cool night. Marsha walked further into the garden in amazement, her long black teats bobbing a little bit as she stepped forward. She could feel how a light breeze caressed her sensitive body, bringing with it the scent of various flowers and trees that grew in the coastal Spanish hills.

The way she stood there in the garden was certainly a sight to behold. The moonlight playing over her slick soft green scaled muscular body. Firmly standing on her powerful hoofed legs. An 8 feet long tail coiling behind her. Three pair of heavy, firm breasts on her torso, topped off with long, thick black teats that pointed almost straight forward. Between her legs, her over developed sex showed itself clearly, the huge clit resting against her pelvis. A mane of red-orange hair cascading down her back from her horned head.

"Mmmmmm, I feel so good, so strong, so powerful." Marsha thought as she pressed her upper breasts together with her sharp claws.

In the distance she heard something that caught her attention. She could vaguely make out the sound of music and laughter, probably coming from one of the other bungalows nearby. Her curiosity peaked, and she decided to investigate. She ran forward with great speed, dug her hooves in the ground, and leapt effortless over the 10 feet high wooden fence in the back of the garden. She landed between the bushes on the other side. Carefully, she made her way between the trees in the general direction of the sound. It took her about five minutes to reach the source. At the back of the garden of the other bungalow, she peaked through the bushes. The bungalow was about twice the size of hers, and; in addition, it also had a swimming pool. About 50 people were gathered here at what was obviously a party. Most of the were wearing swimsuits, and most of the women were in bikinis. On the far right corner, someone was working the barbecue and Marsha could smell the meat being grilled. Everybody seemed to be in good spirits and enjoying themselves.

"I wish I could join. But with a body like mine, I am more likely to cause a panic than anything else." Marsha tought to herself as she stared at her claws. It was then she noticed that the nails on her left claw started to retract and becoming more human-like again. "Hey! How did that happen?" Then, Marsha remembered Ardovak's words about she being able to change herself back to her human form or any form in-between for that matter. Marsha decided to give it a try and concentrated on the other claw. It also slowly reverted to its human state. "That's how it works. All I have to do is will it to happen, and I can change back any part of my body to it's former state."

Marsha closed her eyes and concentrated. The amulet started to glow. The green scales began to dissolve, her tanned skin reappeared. Her body started to shrink. Her hooves coloured lighter and became softer, reshaping themselves into feet. Her long, thick teats slowly retracted and turned pink while her six huge breasts shrank. The top pair resumed their normal size and shape while the other two melted away in her lower abdomen. Her hair turned from orange-red into the familiar brown while the two Capricorn horns disappeared in her head. The long tail shrank also in size till it too was gone.

Marsha opened her eyes again and looked at her naked human body. Everything seemed to be all right. It was then she noticed her vagina. It was still enormous with the 5 inch mushroom shaped clitoris standing up her belly. Marsha concentrated again and it too reverted to its former shape.

"Well, completely human again, at least in body" Marsha said to herself with a smile. Now to find some suitable clothing. She looked around and saw some clothing hanging on a clothes rack about 60 feet to the left of her. A silver-gray bikini was hanging there as well. She quietly moved amongst the bushes towards the rack, pulled off a small branch from a tree and fished the silver-gray bikini from the rack. Quickly, she put it on.

"Seems to fit nicely, except for the cups. They are a little too large." Marsha concentrated on her breasts. She let them swell a bit up to the point the cups were neatly filled with breast flesh. Having one more look at herself, Marsha nodded with approval. Unseen by anyone, she crawled over the fence and mingled with the guests. Some couples were dancing to the beat of the music, while others were talking and laughing. Everybody seemed to be in the best of spirits. Marsha made her way towards the punch bowl and got herself a glass.

"That punch will certainly stir up your blood, and if it doesn't, I can for sure," a voice from behind her said.. Marsha turned around, and in front of her stood a young man. He was not unpleasant-looking but he certainly was the cheap, macho type. He had lots of fake gold, and his shirt was half unbuttoned with "Ray Ban" glasses clipped on them, and he had his hair in a pony tale.

"Hmm, my dream come true." Marsha sarcastically thought to herself.

"My name is Derek by the way, what is yours?"

"My name is Marsha"

"What's a nice girl doing in a place like this?" He said smugly.

"Oh great, very original pick up line. Of all men, I had to attract the local party tiger. Just my luck." Marsha thought.

At that moment, a woman's voice called "Derek! Over here!"

"Err, my wife. Got to go. If you are lucky, you might catch me later." With a fast wink, Derek took off to his wife.

"Wow, saved by the bell. What a jerk." Marsha thought.

For the next three hours, Marsha enjoyed herself. She danced, small talked a little bit left and right, took a dip in the pool, and had a couple of cheese burgers. As it was nearing 1 AM, she decided to head for home. As she went through the bungalow heading for the front door, she heard a woman crying and a man yelling from what must have been one of the bedrooms at the end of the adjacent corridor. Marsha tilted her head a little bit and made her way towards the room to see what was going on. She quietly took a peek and saw Derek standing in front of his wife who was sitting on the bed.

"Really Derek, you have no sensitivity or feelings towards me whatsoever. You have been shamelessly chatting up to every women at this party with complete disregard for me or my feelings."

"Why don't you shut your trap! Your nothing but a big, stupid cow! I am getting out of here. I am going for a drink downtown. You don't have to wait up for me!"

Marsha quickly jumped into the next bedroom and could hear Derek taking off, leaving his sobbing wife behind. The door slammed shut, and Derek was gone. Marsha went over to the other bedroom again and looked at Derek's wife. She must have been around the same age as Marsha. She was good-looking with a firm body, blond hair, and nice breasts. The woman hadn't noticed Marsha's presence. Marsha coughed softly to draw her attention.

The women turned around and looked at Marsha. "Who are you? What are you doing here?!" She yelled.

"I am Marsha, one of your guests. I heard someone crying, so I came over to see what was wrong."

"My name is Kim, and that guy whom you probably bumped into on the way out, is my husband Derek. We had our usual, family fight, don't worry about it." Kim said with a faint smile.

"Well, I wouldn't let him treat me that way! I would leave him this very instant!" Marsha stated forcefully.

"You are probably right, however there is a slight problem. If I were to leave him, I would loose all my money and possessions since the bastard made me sign a contract when we got married four years ago. 'How I could have been so stupid' is a long story which I wouldn't want to get into right now."

Marsha took Kim's hand and led her to one of the other bedrooms. She said with an smile. "I think I have a solution to your problem." She closed and locked the door behind them. She turned around and walked over to Kim with a leery grin on her face.

"What are you going to do?" Kim asked in a frightened voice.

"Don't worry, I am not going to hurt you." Marsha sat herself on the bed, next to Kim. She took her by the hand and leaned over to her face , pressing her lips onto those of Kim's. Kim tried to resist, but the moment Marsha's tongue entered her mouth, in some strange way, Kim felt strongly attracted to her and kissed her fiercely back. Marsha pushed Kim on her back and set herself on top of her, her knees apart. She unbuttoned Kim's shirt while Kim's hands reached up to cup and caress Marsha's breasts. Kim's naked bust sprang into view, her pert nipples slightly erect in anticipation.

Kim rolled Marsha off her and said. "Wait a sec, let me get more comfortable." With that, she took all of her clothes off and lay herself down again next to Marsha. Under the spell of the strange attraction, she kissed Marsha again while she let one hand wander down towards Marsha's vagina. She gently rubbed her index finger over the pussy lips. Marsha had her eyes closed, and moaned with delight. Kim snuggled up closer to Marsha, pushing her breasts against Marsha's side, stroking her hair as she watched her face. She could feel how Marsha was getting damp and wet and she slipped two of her fingers inside and started working them around. Meanwhile, Marsha felt the heat building up inside of her, when all of a sudden, she let the powers of the amulet set in.

She flipped Kim on her back and again sat herself on top of her, pinning her down. Kim looked up a little puzzled. Marsha smiled and threw back her head, letting out a deep moan. She sucked in air, heaving her breasts. Kim saw how Marsha's breasts somehow seemed to expand, overflowing the bikini cups. The straps snapped under the pressure and the top fell off. When Marsha leaned forward again, Kim stared into a pair of yellowish, reptilian eyes. She brought her hands up again and ran her fingers over Marsha's aureoles. Kim could see how they started to darken and expand. She could feel under her fingers how they became rougher in texture. By now, they covered almost all of Marsha's double "D" breasts. Marsha grunted in approval and bared her sharp, pointed teeth. She moved herself up higher Kim's torso until her wet glistening pussy was hovering over Kim's mouth. Kim, taking the hint, started licking Marsha's vagina, sucking the clitoris in her mouth. Marsha squirmed and moaned. Kim eagerly drank Marsha's juices. In her mouth, Kim felt something strange. Marsha's clit seemed to enlarge and invade deeper into her mouth. As Kim started to have trouble containing the large clit, she reluctantly let go of it.

It popped out of her mouth, still swelling larger till it reached is 5 inch size. Kim rolled Marsha over in turn and rubbed her hand over Marsha's growing vagina, as she saw the pussy lips flare out. Marsha twisted and turned her body as waves of pleasure surged through her. With her other hand, Kim started to massage Marsha's feet. As she was massaging, she felt how Marsha's toes became more rigid. She looked down and saw how they started to fuse together and harden, slowly turning black, shaping themselves into hooves. Kim moved back and looked in amazement at Marsha's changing body. She could hear crackling sounds emanating from Marsha's body as bones got stretched and bend to different shapes. She saw how here legs lengthened, how light green scales started to replace the skin. First above her hooves, then slowly creeping up over her stretching legs. Four dark spots appeared on Marsha's abdomen, spread out, and turned into aureoles. Marsha looked at Kim and smiled, showing long, needle-like teeth. A long forked tongue darted out of her mouth and licked over Kim's pert nipples.

"Lay down on your back," Marsha commanded with a deep, husky voice. Kim obeyed. Marsha got off the bed and took position at the foot end of the bed, facing Kim, who could see how the changes to Marsha's body continued. By now, the scales had covered her breasts entirely, and her torso was becoming more muscular by the second. Her shoulders had widened. The large aureoles started to puff up in the middle. Six nipples formed themselves, at first very small, but rapidly becoming wider and longer pushing slowly outwards, turning into long, black teats which were pointing straight at Kim. The tissue under her four lower teats started to swell, forming into breasts about KK cup size, while the upper ones grew to a similar size. Marsha spread out her fingers. Her nails darkened and pushed out, transforming her hands into claws. A tail coiled itself from behind her back. Capricorn horns grew out of the side of her head, while her brown hair turned orange-red.

Marsha had completely turned into the demoness again. Kim just looked at the creature sitting in front of her and didn't move a muscle. Not that she was afraid. As a matter of fact, strangely enough, she was rather relaxed and felt at ease. Marsha sat herself on her knees on the bed in front of Kim. She grabbed Kim's feet very carefully with her claws, put them together and brought them up to her vagina. Then something weird started to happen. Marsha's pussy lips stretched out further and further and wrapped them self over Kim's feet.

Marsha's eyes turned glassy, and she started to breathe heavily. Kim could feel how her feet became completely encased. She saw how Marsha's pussy lips became larger and larger, stretching further and further, by now almost covering her up to her knees. She could feel the warmth spreading up her body as she got enveloped more and more. She could see how her legs disappeared within Marsha's extending pussy, followed by her lower body. Marsha's breathing became more rapid. Her already large teats engorged even more. Drops of yellow fluorescent liquid formed on each tip. By now, Kim had lost conscienceness and was completely covered from head to toe by what seemed like a second skin, wrapped tightly over every contour of her body.

Marsha bent her green-scaled, six breasted torso forward. The tip of each long teat touched the still body in front of her and merged with it. Marsha grabbed each of her teats in turn, making groaning noises as she fiercely jerked them with milking motions. At the point of merging, big throbbing veins started to spread out over Kim's wrapped-up body as Marsha's breasts started to pump in their contents. Marsha hissed in ecstasy as she felt the milk flow out of her breasts. The vagina cask, which grew out from between her legs and covered Kim, started to balloon out as it filled up. Kim's contours started to disappear as the cask stretched out under the pressure of the demon milk.

Meanwhile, Marsha kept kneading her six, giant breasts with her claws, forcing in more and more of her fluorescent liquid. She could see how the skin cask stretched more and more and slowly became transparent, revealing Kim's unconcience, liquid-suspended body, floating inside. As the stream of milk slowed down and came to a stop, Marsha dislodged her six udders and gasped for air. She carefully pulled backwards. The cask separated itself from her vagina and closed itself tight immediately, so no demon liquid was lost.

Marsha pulled back farther and raised herself on her powerful, black-hoofed legs. She looked at the cask, containing Kim's body and smiled. She walked over to the side of the bed and reached out with one claw, touching the side of the cask, and running her claws carefully over it's surface. It felt warm and soft, but she could sense that it's outside was rapidly hardening and turning less transparent by the second. Within a minute, a big dirty yellow egg marbled with red veins, containing Kim's body, had formed, and now rested on the bed. Marsha turned away and opened the window. She stepped out quickly and without being seen, she slipped in the bushes and headed to her bungalow again.

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