Stories by Multibreast

Stories by Multibreast

A modeling studio specializing in multibreasted models introduces and interviews three such models.

Laura doubts that a woman in a primitive society is truly a witch, and learns a hard lesson.

Michelle receives some magic clothing from a gypsy woman and hopes these clothes will give her the body of her dreams, but instead encounters some strange side effects.

The Shifter
A mysterious man uses deception and a strange transformation power to create his own society of transformed beings.

Together Forever (with illustration) and Still Together
A woman wants to spend the rest of her life with Melanie in a very close and codependent relationship, and is willing to use a magic medallion to get it.

The More the merrier can apply to body parts when you have a little multiplication cream.

Beauty Diversified (with two illustrations)
A farmer transforms women into forms he finds beautiful and the women find terrifying.

A Clear Choice (with illustration)
An alien creature transforms abducted Earthlings into strange creatures, and lets one Earthling experience all the transformations.

Thankless Society
A psychiatric patient receives the power to transform himself and others, but finds, to his dismay, that the rest of society does not find his forms to be quite so alluring as he does.

Some exotic dancers get into a very strange competition for the title of best breasts.

The Marriage of Monkey Legs (with illustration)
A space traveler takes part in an unusual wedding ceremony on a planet of centaurs.

Winter's Tail (with three illustrations) and Winterís Discontent (with two illustrations) and Winterís Gray Days (with illustration)
The mind-body connection is taken to new heights with the help of a mysterious green pill when one woman's bodily desires turn into reality.

Fleeing the Dollhouse
A woman desires to have a body much different than the typical Barbie doll look so prevalent in her society.

The Reeducation of a User (with illustration)
A womanizer has to learn the hard way to watch what he says around a sorceress.

The Clothes Make the Woman
The right clothes can make you popular or beautiful, and can even bring two women closer together, very close together.

Ahead of Time
A time traveler offers the innovator of a revolutionary gene therapy the chance to have the body of her dreams.

A New Perspective of Loneliness (with illustration)
After returning home from a bar, a man gets a new perspective on what true loneliness is.

A Little Something More in Life
A bored girl delights in stories of her past life on another world and hopes to somehow find that life again.

Summer Loviní
A man finds love again after being cursed by a former girlfriend.

Double Dipping
A woman finds her other half after years of searching.

Full of Bull (with illustration)
A woman tries to unravel the mystery behind the disappearance of her neighbor.

The Transfiguration Apprentice
A young apprentice learns the art of transfiguration from a master.

Bread and Water
War prisoners face an unusual sentence.

The Oracle of Gemini
Two girls are introduced to the mysterious Oracle of Gemini.

The Ol' Wife Swap
Two couples engage in a very unique form of group sex thanks to the mysterious Oracle of Gemini.

The Peasant Empress
A princess is able to defy her empire's customs to get closer to a gardener because of the Oracle of Gemini.

C'Tity Girl
A city slicker gets closer to a country girl thanks to the Oracle of Gemini.

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