By Multibreast

Perhaps Laura's claims about the supernatural won't seem so strange once you hear Michelle's story. Her tale makes Laura's seem altogether believable. Michelle's story is one of dreams, not just her dreams, but the dreams of her friends as well.

Perhaps it was the fact that they all shared the same deficiencies. Birds of a feather do seem to flock together. Michelle and her two best friends certainly had plenty to discuss. They could always find time to complain together; complain about their bodies that is. They all shared similar problems. Michelle and her two friends, Kate and Helen, were all very short, not only in overall size, but in their breast size as well. Kate was an A-cup. She often thought of having surgery to augment the size of her breasts, but she, much like her two friends, was afraid of the pain and possible negative consequences of breast augmentation surgery. Kate was actually the most well-endowed of the three. While she had to wear an A-cup, Michelle and Helen didn't even have to bother with bras. Those troublesome pieces of most women's wardrobe were not necessary for them. They had nothing which needed supporting. They were both flat-chested, and not in the normal sense of the word. Many insensitive men may refer to a woman as flat-chested even though she can fill out an A-cup nicely. Michelle and Helen, however, could not even fill out that smallest cup size. They both had the chests of young men. Their chests looked like that of a young, teenage boy, one who has not yet had puberty broaden his shoulders or add hair to the area between his nipples. Michelle and Helen were flat-chested in the true sense of the word.

All three women hated their bodies, not just because of their breast size, but also because of their diminutive height. Even though height is a feature usually associated more with men, The three friends felt that, along with their small chests, their short stature made them look much younger than their true age. Even though she was twenty- one years old, Michelle was often mistaken as being much younger. Whenever Michelle would go to a bar and try to order a drink, the bartender would always give her a "how stupid do you think I am" look. The typical response was: "We don't allow kids in here without their parents." It angered Michelle greatly to be treated like a ten year old. Helen was the tallest of the three, and she only measured 4'9". Kate was a tiny 4'7", and Michelle was an even smaller 4'6".

Every time that Michelle heard a woman say: "men are lucky because they don't have to wear bras;" or, "I hate wearing bras," she felt like bursting into tears. She wanted to yell at them. "Feel lucky that you can wear a bra!" Michelle and her friends would sometimes share their fantasies of being like the models they saw in magazines. They shared their dreams about being 5'7" with large breasts.

"I remember one conversation that Helen and I had," Michelle recalls. "Helen asked me to imagine how wonderful it would be to be a foot taller and to have a nice set of D-cup sized breasts. I remember telling her that D-cups wouldn't be big enough for me. I would want breasts that were even larger I informed her. She told me not to be ridiculous. She said that extra large breasts come with just as many difficulties as no breasts. I told her that she was wrong, that huge breasts were great. She said that really large breasts could cause upper back pain and that my bras would pinch or that the bra straps would dig painfully into my shoulder. She said that she heard big-breasted women complaining about it all the time. I told her that I thought such big-breasted woman were nothing but whiners, and that any small irritation caused by large breasts was nothing compared to the psychological stress caused by having no breasts at all.

"'How big of breasts would you wish for?' She asked me.

"'I would want breasts that filled at least a F-cup, but a G- or H-cup would be even better.

"She laughed at me. 'That's crazy. No woman other than a stripper would want breasts that big. You don't want to be a stripper do you?'

"'No, but I want breasts that big.' I stated.

"She shook her head. 'You shouldn't mutilate your body just to please men.'

"'It's not to please men. It's to please me. I love big breasts. I love to see them, I love to feel them, and I'd love to have a pair.' I said forcefully.

"'You say you love to feel them?' She gave me a strange look meant to evoke my laughter. 'You're not some kind of lesbian are you?'

"'No,' I said with a laugh. It was true, I was not a lesbian, at least not entirely. I was in no way interested in another woman's vagina, but if a large-breasted woman allowed me to fondle and suck her breasts without asking anything else of me, I would have done it without hesitation. While I had no desire to have a relationship with another woman, I would often fantasize about caressing another woman's large breasts. I could not tell Helen of these fantasies though. I was not secure enough with myself at this time to tell anyone. I just concluded the topic by saying that she could dream of D-cup sized breasts, but I would still dream of filling out H-cups.

"It wasn't too long after that conversation that Helen and I decided that we would both go to the plastic surgeon for a consultation. We had asked Kate, but she was too afraid to even sit down and talk to the surgeon. All the recent news stories of breast implant lawsuits had really gotten to her. I have to admit that I was a little afraid too. I was scared of surgery in general, and the dangers of implants in particular, but I figured that talking to the doctor wouldn't cause any harm. I was very disappointed to see that the surgeon that worked at the nearest cosmetic surgery place was a rather well-endowed woman. By well endowed, I mean about a 36C. That size was very well-endowed from my standpoint at the time. I was disappointed because this doctor would never be able to understand my pain. She would pretend to understand, but she wouldn't really. I had been hoping that the doctor would be a man. He wouldn't have understood my pain either, but at least he would have been an admirer of large breasts just like I was. Of course, a doctor would never admit to his desire of large breasts to a patient, being that they're supposed to be objective, but the fact that some guy is a doctor doesn't change the fact that he's a man, and most men can help but to appreciate a woman's body, especially her breasts. As I took a moment to think about it, I figured that a well-endowed woman would provide a better consultation than a small-breasted doctor. If a female plastic surgeon had all that money and all that access to plastic surgery, and she still chose to be small-breasted, then she would no doubt be judgmental and opposed to such 'pure vanity.' Such a woman would no doubt preach about how plastic surgery is a way to cure deformities and not a way to help one mimic a fashion image.

"The doctor said that most of the problems and lawsuits involved only one type of implant. She said that it was unfortunate because that particular kind of implant had provided woman with the most natural look and feel to their post-surgery breasts. Nevertheless, she reassured us that the look and feel that the other implants provided weren't that bad, and that most patients were pleased with the results. I was disappointed, however, by what the doctor had to say next. You see, I had no difficulty coming right out and stating that I wanted something along the lines of a H cup size. The doctor laughed. She went on to explain that breast augmentation surgery could only work within the constraints of the chest skin available. She told me that with my chest, the surgery would probably only be able to provide me with a large A-cup or a small B-cup size. I was crushed. Even if I endured the pain of a surgery, I would only have a small sets of breasts. The doctor went on to say that after the skin on my chest had stretched out a little from the implants, that she could than perform a second surgery which might get me up to a D-cup. She said that it would probably take four surgeries to get me up to a H-cup. She said that I would have to wait about a year between each augmentation. I couldn't believe it. I would have to wait four years, go through four surgeries, and spend an outrageous amount of money to turn my flat chest into the bust of my dreams.

"I was still willing to go through it all, but after the doctor finished describing the operation and showing us pictures of the procedure, Helen was no longer keen on the idea of breast surgery. I knew one thing. I was only going to have the operation if one of my friends had it too. We had known each other for so long and shared so many experiences that I felt too scared to go through it without one of them having it done too. I begged both of them to have the operation. They both told me that they would consider having it done after I did it. Their promise of consideration wasn't enough for me. I told them that I would have it done first if they promised to have the surgery themselves later. They could not guarantee me that they would eventually go through with it. So, I gave up. It seemed that my fears I would assure that I would remain flat-chested for the rest of my life.

"It was about a month later when the gypsies came through town. That's where my story gets strange. I don't want you to think it was a curse. The gypsies were nice people, and they wanted to help. I suppose the mistakes could have been a trick, but I think it was just ignorance on our part that caused the trouble. The old, gypsy woman was skilled at sensing people's desires, but I don't think she could she the future. She would have never given me the items if she could see into the future. I feel certain of that. For even though I was left contented, she seemed to nice a person to have willfully condemned my friend to all that anguish.

"The troupe of gypsies fit all the clichés. They all had the long hair, the hoop earrings, and the colorful clothing. They traveled in a large van. The outside of it was covered in beautiful artwork. I was out walking my dog in the park when they decided to set up. They started dancing and singing. One of them was performing magic tricks. I watched them from a distance. It wasn't long before a small crowd surrounded them. The people who gathered around them seemed thoroughly entertained. They were all laughing and applauding. The gypsies had a small box set out, and people were eagerly throwing in dollar bills. At the sight of people giving up their dollar bills so freely to a band of street performers, I decided that they must truly be talented. Most people in my hometown usually pinched every penny. I led my dog over to the gathering. The gypsies were indeed quite entertaining. I retrieved three, dollar bills out of my purse and threw them into the box. An old gypsy woman thanked me. She told me that if I had been any more generous that she might of had to grant me my lifelong wish. I was perplexed by this strange statement. Just out of curiosity about what she would say, I pulled out a five dollar bill an threw it into the box.

"'You're almost there.' The old woman said. 'A kind and generous person like yourself might actually deserve the breasts you desire.' I was amazed. It seemed she knew of my desires. I started to reach for a ten dollar bill when I realized that I was being a sucker. She was playing me for the fool. She was not clairvoyant. Anyone could see that I was flat-chested. It wouldn't have been hard to guess what my dream was. I closed my purse back up. 'Take a chance,' She said. 'For ten dollars, all your dreams could come true. For twenty dollars, I'll even make your two friends' desires come true as well.' I told myself it was stupid, and that I was a pushover, but nevertheless, I grabbed the last two bills in my purse. I threw the two ten, dollar bills in the box. The old woman lightly grabbed my arm and led me away from the crowd and toward the gypsy van. 'Climb in the van, generous one.' She stated with a smile. I shot her a suspicious look. I glanced back toward the other gypsies and saw that they were all still performing busily. I figured it was safe to climb in the back of the van. It wasn't like this frail, old woman could do any harm to me. It turned out that I was correct. She didn't harm me, but I think that if she had really wanted to, she could have hurt me, or anyone else for that matter, in ways that few people could even imagine. She was in touch with some kind of arcane power.

"After I crawled into the messy and cluttered van, the old woman followed me. She started rummaging through a pile of old clothes, pot, pans, trinkets, dolls, and a variety of other artifacts. Eventually, she pulled out three pair of black pantyhose, and three bras. One bra was an A-cup. The other two bras barely had cups, they were essentially flat. All three of the bras were white in color, except for in the inside of the cups, which were flesh-colored.

"'The pantyhose and bras are two of my most popular charms you know.' The old woman said as she handed the articles of clothing to me.

"'Charms?' I inquired as I examined the underwear more carefully. The bras and pantyhose all appeared to be brand new.

"'Yes, I buy the pantyhose and the bras from a department store just like anyone. But after I purchase the hosiery and bras, I cast an incantation. Once the incantation is completed, they are no longer just articles of clothing, they are magical charms. I have a dozen different charms, but these are two of my most popular. Women see all these leggy, big-breasted models and want to look just like them. I figure they should have the opportunity. Of course, it will cost them. I usually charge fifty dollars for each pair of pantyhose and a hundred for each bra, but once in a while when I see a nice, generous, young person, I repay her generosity with a generosity of my own. My family is primarily interested in entertainment, not charms. I prefer to see our money come from people who are enjoying the songs, dancing, and tricks. I only sell my charms to the desperate or the generous, and you, my darling, appear to be both. So, you're getting 450 dollars in charms for twenty-eight dollars. Now that's a bargain.' The gypsy woman erupted into a dry, wheezing laugh.

"'What am I supposed to do with them?' I asked.

"'Yes, that's very important.' She said in a more serious tone. 'You must follow the rules very carefully. The charms have a tendency to be influenced by certain extraneous variables. The bras and pantyhose are a type of body transformation charm, so it can be altered by what you put into your body. After you put the clothing on, it is important that you don't consume anything for the whole thirty hours...'

"'Thirty hours,' I interrupted. 'What thirty hours?'

"'You and your friends must wear your respective pantyhose and bras for thirty hours.'

"'Why, what will they do?'

"The old woman smiled and touched my arm tenderly. 'It will fulfill your dreams, dear lady. It will make you so happy, and that makes me happy too. I love it when people's dreams are fulfilled.'

"'But what will it do?' I asked again eagerly.

"'The bra will make your breasts bigger and the pantyhose will make you taller.'

"'How big? How much taller?' My voice was that of a giddy schoolgirl. I believed this gypsy's claims completely. Maybe I was a sucker, or perhaps there was just something about this woman that made you believe.

The gypsy was amused by my excitement and let out another dry, wheezing laugh. "The pantyhose will make you and your friends grow a foot taller. Your legs will grow mostly, but your torso will lengthen also. Don't worry, your body will have all the right dimensions. You will have long sexy legs, but not so long that they are out of proportion with the rest of your body. After thirty hours, the pantyhose will start to lengthen, and you will lengthen with it.'

"'And my breasts. Will this bra give me my beautiful H-cup breasts?' I asked with even more excitement in my voice.

"'No,' She responded simply.

"The excitement left my voice. 'What do you mean?' You said you'd fulfill my dreams.'

"'Well, pretty close, the incantation on the bras makes the breasts grow to about a D-cup size.'

"My voice now took on a pleading tone. "Why? Why can't you give me a charm which will expand my breasts to the size I desire.'

"She shook her head. 'The old incantation I used on the bras had no limit. The longer the person wore it, the larger the breasts became, but I found that the people who used it lost their senses. They would oftentimes keep the bra on for weeks. Then, when they finally realized that they had gone overboard, it was too late. They were stuck with incredibly huge breasts. And when I say stuck, I mean stuck. The changes caused by the charms are permanent. Even if the person had their breasts surgically reduced, they would grow back. Only a reduction incantation could make them smaller again.'

"'So, why didn't you give them a charm which would reduce the size of their breasts?' I asked.

"'Look, incantations aren't that easy to create. If they were, then they wouldn't be so rare. Incantation is almost a lost art, and that fact is not a coincidence. It is rare because it is extremely difficult to come up with an incantation, and even more difficult to come up with one which works properly. Plus, you need to find exactly the right object to use with the incantation as the charm, it can't just be any old thing. And as if that wasn't enough, you must determine all the potential hazards associated with the use of the charm. It's very difficult and time consuming work. It took me twenty years to work out the bra incantation. It took another three years to figure out how to put a limit on it. I have worked on a breast reduction incantation, but as of yet I haven't found one that works.'

"'I can't believe that anyone who has dreamed as much as I have about breasts would ever want a reduction anyway.'

"'Trust me,' the gypsy continued. 'If you had seen some of the ridiculous sizes to which these people had let their breasts grow, you would understand. I remember one young man about fifteen years ago who was so enamored with breasts that not only did he buy a bra for his girlfriend, but he also bought one for himself. His girlfriend came to me later. Her breasts had grown to a K-cup size. She told me that each of her boyfriend's breasts were about five times as big as he was. Apparently, he couldn't even move. He was forced to lay motionless on top of the two mountains that were his breasts. I could do nothing to help him.'

"'I wouldn't be that stupid,' I stated. "Please give me a bra with the old incantation.'

"The old woman shook her head. 'I have long since forgotten the old incantation, and besides, I guarantee you and your friends will be happy with your new breasts.'

"'Well, you're probably right,' I said reluctantly. 'Besides, I can still get them enlarged through surgery if I am still not satisfied.'

"'No, you can't,' the gypsy quickly responded. 'Remember, the changes are permanent. If you have surgery to enlarge them further, they will change back to the pre- surgery size.'

"I lowered my head. 'I see.'

"'Of course, you're still free to slowly build up your chest size through multiple surgeries if you don't want to use the charm.'

"'No, I think I like your way better, besides a D-cup size is pretty good. I'm sure I'll like them.'

"'Fine,' the gypsy continued. 'Now, just remember, you and your friends must wear both the bra and the pantyhose for thirty straight hours. You must not take them off once you have put them on. If you take them off before the thirty hours, they will no longer have the ability to change you. You may shower in them and wear other clothes over them. Don't worry about going to the bathroom. Once you put on the pantyhose, you won't need to go for the entire thirty hour period. Thus, their should be no reason why you sure have to lower the panty part of the hose. The pantyhose must not only stay on you, but they must stay in place. The same is true for the bra. Both the bra and pantyhose will feel very tight at first, but don't worry, it won't cut off the circulation or anything like that. After thirty hours, the transformation will begin. The rate of transformation is a little different for everyone. Sometimes it only takes a few seconds, sometimes it takes several hours. Don't worry about the pantyhose and bra falling out of place during the transformation. As a matter of fact, the bra and pantyhose will be impossible to remove during the transformation. After the transformation is complete, the bra and pantyhose will both disappear completely. Basically, there are only two rules: keep the underwear in place, and don't ingest anything during the thirty hour period. My advice is to eat a big meal about an hour before you put on the underwear.'

"'What would happen if we ate during the thirty hour period?' I asked.

"'It alters the transformation. There's no telling what sort of monster you might turn into. I only heard of one occasion were someone ate something during the thirty hour period. One woman was growing her breasts larger to appease her abusive boyfriend. It just so happens that just before the thirty hour period was up, the boyfriend came home from work early an surprised the girlfriend with an expensive lobster dinner. The girlfriend had hoped to time the beginning of the transformation just as her boyfriend came home, so he could watch it in enjoyment, but the boyfriend had come home early. Instead of the flowers he usually brought home in his pathetic attempt to apologize for one of his violent outbursts against her, he brought home her favorite meal. After she refused to eat the expensive food he picked up, the boyfriend got extremely angry. It seems that he pulled out a knife and threatened to kill her if she didn't eat the food. She apparently tried to take off the bra, but before she could, the abusive boyfriend had her by the back of the neck and had her face shoved in the plate. She ate the food quickly, hoping to be able to take the bra off before the transformation began, but by the time she was finished and the boyfriend let go of her the transformation had already started. Instead of growing larger breasts, the transformation took place in her hands. They transformed into gigantic lobster claws.'

"I spoke with the gypsy a little while longer before leaving with the bras and pantyhose. I asked her what her name was, but she refused to tell me. She said that it was best that I did not know her name. Otherwise, I may one day try to find her again in order to ask for fulfillment of other dreams. Dreams which could probably not be fulfilled.

"When I returned home that night with the underwear I had gotten from the gypsy, I felt greed fill my soul. It was the same greed I had when I spoke with the old woman. Even if these charms worked, and I received the body of my dreams, it was not enough. I wanted more. I wanted my H-cup breasts. I began to think that perhaps I should have the surgeries. Yet, I keeping thinking about the pain and the money and the time involved. It was as though I need to have huge breasts or none. It was like the dream of one day having huge breasts outweighed the breasts that the gypsy bra promised me. I sat for hours in the lonely silence of my apartment just staring at the bras. Finally, an idea struck me, I could put on all three pairs of bras. The gypsy had said that each bra has the ability to increase one's breast size to about a D-cup. Wasn't it possible that if I put all three bras on, that I would grow twelve cup sizes instead of four? But wait, the bra meant for Kate was an A-cup. Thus, it probably only had three cup size increases in it. Or, did it matter since I was flat-chested? Maybe it would still increase me four sizes. Either way, If they would all work on me, I would be left as either a K- or a L-cup, and if it didn't work, then I would still be left with D-cup sized breasts. Whether this cumulative method worked or not, I would still grow large breasts. Wasn't it worth a shot? Of course, that would leave Kate and Helen with no chance at breast increase. Usually I was never so selfish, but because of some unnamable obsession within me, I had to keep all three bras to myself.

"The next day, I met with my friends. I gave them each a pair of the black pantyhose. I told them the story of my meeting with the gypsy, omitting the parts about the bras. I was forced to stop telling the story at several points because of my friends' laughter. They couldn't believe that I had been so gullible.

"'That old woman conned you out of thirty-eight bucks.' Kate said with another hardy laugh.

"'No,' I responded angrily. 'The money was a gift, and the underwear was also a gift. If nothing else, we'll all have a nice pair of pantyhose.'

"Helen picked up one of the pantyhose with her finger and thumb as she might have picked up a dead rat by the tail. 'I don't know if I'd describe them as a nice pair of pantyhose. We don't even know where they've been. I don't know if I want to put this grubby thing on.'

"'I snatched the pantyhose from her. 'It's not grubby! They look, smell, and feel just as clean as a brand new pair. Here smell for yourself.' I shoved the pantyhose up to her nose.

"She pushed away my arm. 'OK, so there perfectly clean, but you don't actually believe that they'll make us all grow a foot taller do you?'

"'Yes I do.' I stated confidently. 'If you had been there to hear this woman, you'd believe it too."

"'You're crazy, Michelle.' Helen told me as she examined her pair of pantyhose more closely.

"I grabbed her pair away too. 'If you don't want them, fine. You don't have to take them. I suppose you could wait to see if my pair make me grow before you try yours, but I'd be careful. I wouldn't be surprised if the charms only had a limited effectiveness time . If you wait until tomorrow to put them on, they might be useless.' I started to get up to leave.

"'Wait,' Helen yelled. 'Did the gypsy say that the pantyhose had a time limit?' "'Yes, I seem to remember her saying that.' Of course, she hadn't mentioned that. She had said they would be left useless if we took them off before the thirty hours were up, but she never said anything about the clothes having a limited effectiveness time. I just didn't want to be the guinea pig. I wanted us all to put them on at the same time.

"'I suppose we could all try it,' Kate stated quietly.

"'What's that?' I asked mockingly. 'I thought you didn't believe in charms.'

"Kate gave an uneasy little laugh. 'I don't, but, well... you know, it couldn't hurt. At worst, I'll have a pair of pantyhose on for thirty hours. Although, I can't believe that none of us will have to pee during that whole time.'

"'Yeah,' Helen added. 'I doubt that it will work, but I'm willing to give it a shot.'

I pulled out my pair of pantyhose from my purse. "I brought my pair over so that we could all put them on at the same time.' I started to unzip my jeans.

"'Wait,' Helen said nervously. 'You want all of us to get dressed in front of each other?'

"'Yes,' I responded as I lowered my jeans. That way, each of us will know that we all have them on. I finished removing my jeans, and grabbed the small elastic band of my panties. My friends were just standing there watching me. 'Come on, let's see some leg.' They hesitantly began to disrobe as well. Ultimately, we were all standing naked from the waist down in Kate's apartment, each of us with pairs of black pantyhose in our hands. 'Well, let's do it.' I sat on the edge of one of the kitchen chairs, and began to gather up one of the stockings of my pantyhose. Kate and Helen soon followed my example. When we all had our hose gathered up, we all looked at each other for one fearful moment. All three of us then gently placed our toes into the stockings simultaneously. We all slowly ran the black stocking up to the area just above our knees. I gathered up my other pantyhose stocking. I gently placed my toes into the soft fabric of the hose. I very slowly pulled the stocking up my foot and around my heel. The light nylon and spandex material clung to my skin tightly as the gypsy had said it would, but nonetheless, it was still very comfortable. I had always enjoyed wearing pantyhose anyway. Many woman I knew hated wearing pantyhose, but I enjoyed how they made me feel more feminine. With my sorry excuse of breasts, I enjoyed just about anything that made me feel more like a woman. I continued to slide the hose up my leg until it even with the stocking on my other leg. I then stood up and grabbed the panty part of the hose. Kate and Helen did the same. The panty was very long almost like we were putting on some type of corsethose. The top of the panty reached all the way up to area of our chest just a few inches below our nipples. I assumed that the panty was long because that helped the torso grow as the legs grew. After I had the pantyhose in place, I ran my finger slowly and softly up my leg from my toes to my waist to make sure that the hose had no binds or unnecessarily tight spots in it. I ran my fingers up and down the nylon and spandex material a few more times, not to check for binds, but just because I liked the soft, slick feel of the fabric. I then grabbed the white athletic socks I had been wearing, and slipped them on my feet over the pantyhose. I grabbed my jeans.

"'Where are you going?' Kate asked.

"'Home, of course.' I answered.

"'Well,' Kate said as she glanced over at Helen. 'I was hoping that you guys would stay here. It would be like the slumber parties we had when we were kids.'

"' Kate, I'm to old for slumber parties, and besides, I've got to go home and let my dog out.' I told her as I slipped on my jeans. My feet were already starting to sweat from the fact that I had both hosiery and socks covering them. I thought about taking the athletic socks off, but I was afraid that the tennis shoes I wore might wear through the delicate fabric of the hose as I walked back down to my car. If I had thought of it, I would have brought a pair of dress shoes, and a skirt along with me.

"'But,' Kate continued. 'I though it would be better if we were all together for the next thirty hours, you know, just in the very unlikely case something actually does happen. It would probably be best if we were all together.'

"'Kate, I can't stay any longer, my dog's bladder is probably about to burst by now. I don't want him peeing on the floor.'

"'Why don't you go let him out and then come back here afterward.' Kate pleaded. 'You could even bring your dog with you.'

"I shook my head. 'I'm not going all the way home just to come right back here, Kate.' Actually, My dog was just fine, I had let him out just before I came over. What I really wanted, was to get back home so that I could put on the bras. I couldn't wait to have my large breasts start to grow. I finished tying my shoes and headed for the door. Helen agreed to stay with Kate.

"When I got home, I pulled off my shoes, athletic socks, jeans, and shirt. I immediately went into my bedroom where the bras still lay on the bed. I grabbed one of the flat ones and slipped the straps over my shoulders. My hands were shaking so badly from my excitement that I could barely get the hook-and-eye clasp on the back of the bra closed. The bra fit very snugly against my nipples. I picked up the second flat bra. This time, I clasped the back of the bra before I slipped it over my head. I pulled it down so that it covered the first bra. My chest was squeezed even tighter under the pressure of both bras. I grabbed the A-cup bra. I fastened the hook-and-eye clasps and slipped it over my head. I pulled the bra down so that it covered the second bra. I now had three layers of bra covering my nipples. It was incredibly tight, almost painful. The pain, however, began to fade quickly. The bras slowly began to feel like three extra layers of skin. They moved with me perfectly. After a few minutes, I could hardly tell that I was even wearing any bras. The same was true of the pantyhose. I could hardly tell they were there either.

"I looked at myself in the bedroom mirror. I was still wearing nothing but the bras and pantyhose. I imaged the breasts as they would be. I imagined my breasts expanding to an L-cup. The thought made me smile. I believed the gypsy completely. I knew that a transformation would take place and I just knew that I would be happy with it. I was confident that in a little more than a day I would be the woman I had always wanted to be. Luckily, I didn't have to work the next day. Even if tomorrow hadn't been my day off, I would have taken the day off. I was going to spend the whole day at home. I was going to wear nothing but the bras and pantyhose. I would spend the whole day dreaming and waiting for the transformation. It would be one of the greatest days of my life. It would also be one of the longest as I waited for the time of transformation to arrive."

Michelle will finish telling her story in a minute, but first you may want to know what happened in Helen and Kate's transformations. The only one to get exactly what she was expecting was Kate. After the thirty hours had expired, her legs and torso immediately began to stretch. Her transformation occurred very quickly. In the course of a little more than a minute, she had grown a full foot. She was a full 5'7" after her transformation. Her change had occurred just as the gypsy had promised it would. Helen looked at Kate's long, beautiful, slender legs in amazement. Several minutes after Kate's transformation, Helen still had failed to transform. She stood there in nothing but the pantyhose and a T-shirt looking at her old body, waiting for something to happen.

"Did you keep the pantyhose in place the whole thirty hours?" Kate asked her.

"Yes, I don't understand why I'm not growing." Helen stated in a broken and almost tearful voice.

"Don't panic," Kate said comfortingly. "Michelle told us that the gypsy said that some transformations take longer than others.

"Yes, she said that some take longer, but she said that he transformation would begin immediately after the thirty hour period. I must have done something wrong." A tear rolled down Helen's check.

"You didn't eat anything did you?" Kate asked as she placed her arm consolingly around Helen.

"No!" Helen shouted. "I did exactly what I was supposed to do. I didn't eat anything. All I've had in the last thirty hours is a glass of milk."

"Milk? You weren't supposed to eat anything."

"I didn't eat anything. I just had a little to drink." Helen argued.

"But, Michelle said the gypsy said not to 'ingest' anything. I think that means drinks too."

Helen broke down into sobs. "You mean that I'm going to be stuck in this short body because of one measly glass of milk?" At that moment, Helen felt some tingling in her legs. "Wait, I think something is happening!" The sobs quickly faded. But, instead of her legs growing longer, her hips started to thicken. Her hips expanded to twice the normal size, then to three times normal. "What's going on? What's happening to me?!" At that point, her toes began to shrink. They turned to little nubs and then disappeared completely. Helen began to teeter. She threw out her arms an caught the wall which kept her from falling. Her feet began to shrink. Not only were they growing smaller, but they were flattening and rounding. Still propped up against the wall, Helen lifted her leg and felt her deforming foot. It no longer felt like skin. It was hardening. "Make it Stop!" Helen screamed. She tried to grasp the pantyhose, but they were attached to her skin. When the transformation had started, the pantyhose had become a part of her. They were now impossible to remove. The transformation would continue. It could not be stopped now. A small bulge began to stick out just above Helen's rear. It grew out further expanding the skin tighter and tighter until it finally ripped open. A tuff of fur burst out. It began to elongate. It was some sort of tail. The fur on the lengthening part of the tail was shorter than the tuff at the end of it. The pantyhose that was now part of Helen's skin began to change color. White patches were developing in the black hose. Helen felt the soft, slick hose. It suddenly changed into a short fur. It was cow's fur.

She was actually being transformed. The milk she had consumed obviously had a negative influence on the transformation. Helen's hard and rounded feet turned fully into hooves. Her tail was now fully grown and dangled only inches above the floor. Kate stood back and watched in stunned horror, not knowing what to do. Her mouth gaped open. At that moment, her friend had the hooves, tail, fur, and hind legs of a cow. Unlike Heather's dream, however, Helen's transformation was far from complete. Her vagina began to swell. A large lump began to take shape at the top of it. The rest of the vagina began to slide back as the lump began to grow larger. Helen rammed her hands between her legs as though she could make it stop. She couldn't. The bulge still grew larger. Her butt began to grow wider. The bulge was now a large mound in the middle of her legs where her vagina had once been. The vagina itself continued to move down away from the bulge into the new space provided by the increased size of her rear. More room was developing in-between her legs as her butt grew. Small bumps began to show on top of the mound between her legs. The bumps grew into nipples and then elongated into the nipples of a cow. The large bulge between her legs was an udder. She had a cow's udder. It too began to slide downwards toward her butt. The butt itself was beginning to resemble that of a cow's massive rear end.

Suddenly, Helen's attention was briefly taken away from her lower body. The top of her head hurt. She lifted her hand in order to rub one of her temples. She found that a small bump had arisen there. She felt the opposite side of her head. It too had a small bump that was expanding steadily. As the two areas on her head began to expand outward, the pain in her head increased. A small point formed at the tip of one of the bumps on her head, and then a point developed on the other side as well. Horns began to stick out. The horns lengthened, first out to the sides, and then upwards. When they finally stopped growing, she had two small horns sticking out of each side of her head. Each was about five inches in length, thick at he base and tapering to a very fine point at he end. Helen turned her frightened attention back to her transformed lower body. She felt her udder with both of her hands while propping herself up against the wall with her shoulder. She ran her hands along the side of the udder, and then grasped one of the long nipples in each hand and yanked on it forcefully as if to rip it off her body. I small stream of milk from one of the nipples sprayed across the room. Some of milk hit Kate in the face, causing her to break her stunned silence. She let out a scream. Helen yanked forcefully on the nipples again. This time, the other nipple shot out a small stream of milk.

Helen then felt a tingling in her chest. "What now!" She yelled. She ripped off her T-shirt. She now stood totally naked from the waist up. Only the fur covered her lower body. She looked down at her flat chest. One of her nipples began to split down the middle. Two new nipples formed in its place. The nipple on the other side of her chest then did the same. The four nipples split again. She now had eight nipples; four on each side of her flat chest. The nipples then started to puff out. Her breasts began to grow large. They grew out to about the size of an H-cup before they stopped, but as soon as the breasts stopped growing, the eight nipples started to elongate. They began to resemble the nipples on her udder in shape except that the texture and color were more human-like. When they stopped growing, each of the eight nipples on her breasts were about four inches in length and about an inch in diameter. She grabbed one of the long, breast nipples much like she had done with her cow nipples. She pulled strongly. Like the ones on the udder, it shot out a stream of milk.

Just then, two lumps formed on her stomach above her udder. The lumps expanded. When the flesh was stretched to the limit, two hooves ripped out. Kate grimaced at the sight of it, but Helen had felt no pain from the tearing. The hooves started to stretch out further. A set of cow's front legs pushed through. Her belly then started to expand. It first resembled a huge pot belly only with two legs sticking out of it. The belly continued to grow. The top of it touched her large breasts. The bottom of it became covered in the familiar black and white fur on her legs. The belly grew even larger. It pushed her large breasts up into her face. It also caused her back to arch tremendously. It appeared as though her back would break from the pressure. Her back was arching so far back that even though Helen's hooves were planted firmly on the ground, her torso was perpendicular with the floor and ceiling. She finally lost her balance and fell to the floor. The feet which had grown out of her abdomen touched the floor. The part of her body between her front legs and hind legs began to stretch out. By the time it was done stretching, Helen perfectly resembled a cow from the waist down, minus the cow's head of course. The transformation ceased. She now resembled a centaur except that instead of a horse's body, it was that of a cow. Helen had been transformed into a cowtaur. From the waist down she had the body of a cow. From the waist up, she had a body similar to her old one except that she now had horns and huge, four-nippled breasts. The only thing which had caused her transformation to be so drastically different from that of Kate was one measly glass of milk.

As Kate was beginning her transformation into a new longer body, Michelle was starting her transformation as well. Like Kate, the pantyhose worked perfectly for Michelle. It made her grow a foot taller. That was the first of her transformations. Michelle's growth in height occurred just as Kate's had. She became a foot taller. After she became 5'6," Michelle's transformation appeared to stop. Her flat chest was not expanding. She waited five minutes, then another ten. Nothing. She became terribly frightened that she had negated the powers of the charms by wearing all three of them. She stared into her bedroom mirror, waiting for something to happen. She attempted to adjust the strap of the outermost bra, but she couldn't. She discovered that it was attached to her skin. A smile erupted on her face. The attached bra strap was a very good sign. It meant that a transformation was taking place. She then felt a tingling in her nipples. Yes, this sensation was what she wanted. It would happen, the breasts of which she had always dreamed were about to be hers.

Of course, the breast expansion didn't go exactly as Michelle had planned, as one can see just from looking at her picture. Here's how she explains it: "I was looking in the mirror with an excitement like I had never know before. I suddenly felt the nipples puff out. The cups of the two inner bras expanded ever so slightly. Next, the area around he nipple started to grow. I suddenly had two bulges on my chest for the first time in my life. My new breasts slowly enlarged again. They were now the size of A-cups. The inner two bras expanded to the size of the outer bra. They expanded again. They grew to a B-cup size. All three bras expanded with it. My breasts and bras expanded a third time. They were now C-cups. They expanded a fourth time. Just a few moment ago, I had been flat-chested, now I could fill out a D-cup. Each expansion up to that point had occurred in a timely pattern. I waited eagerly for the next expansion, but it didn't come.

"'Oh no.' I said to nobody but the silent room. It seemed that my plan hadn't worked. I would have to settle for D-cup sized breasts. I brought my hands up to caress my new breasts. I felt that the bras were still attached to my skin, and that they were not fading. Not only that, but my chest was also still tingling. My excitement returned. I waited for the next expansion to occur, but instead, the two outermost bras slipped down. I pulled on them, but they where still a part of me. The shoulder straps of the bras got longer and the cup of the bras flattened. The innermost bra which was left on my new breasts began to fade. It became difficult to see. It was becoming translucent. Finally, it disappeared completely. But the other two bras were still connected to my skin, and they had taken position just below my new breasts. The tingling in my two new breasts stopped, but a few seconds afterward, the area below my breasts began to tingle. I felt the cups of the flat bras. I felt a small bump within each cup. It felt like nipples! I then felt the bumps puff out like I had felt just moments before. I then felt the same type of bulges. The bras expanded just as they had done before. It expanded again, and again, and again. The mounds in the middle of my chest expanded to the same size as my breasts above it.

"The outermost bra started to slip. The shoulder straps lengthened again, and the bra took position just beneath the new mounds which had formed. As the other bra started to fade, I could see that the two mounds which had grown below my new breasts were breasts themselves. I had two pairs of breasts! The familiar tingling started again in the area below my second set of breasts. It appeared as though I was growing a third pair as well! Strangely, I was not frightened. Actually, my excitement had not left. As my third pair of breasts were still growing, I fondled my middle pair. They felt exquisite. I loved them as soon as the second bra had faded and I saw what had happened. The final bra faded away. My transformation was complete.

"I looked in the mirror. I studied the three pairs of breasts on my now naked body. I used one hand to slowly caress every single inch of the new breasts as I used my other hand to rub between my legs. I nearly masturbated right there in front of the mirror. I probably would have too, but I became so overwhelmed with joy that I temporarily lost feeling in my legs. They completely gave out on me. No such sensation had ever affected me like that before. I folded my arms around my body as if I was trying to give myself a big hug. An unbelievably pleasurably feeling shot through my entire body. I began to understand. It wasn't just the joy of having breasts, it was the breasts themselves. They were ultra sensitive, but not in a bad way. When I caressed the breasts in just the right manner, a feeling of complete joy filled my entire body. It was better than any organism I had ever experienced, and it was so easy to initiate the feeling. I just had to use the tips of my fingers, and lightly slide them over any one of my breasts in a circular motion from the area just below the nipple to just above it. If I did it just right, it sparked a feeling of pure rapture.

"I ran my fingertips across my breasts. I moved from one breast to another igniting the blissful feeling. I moved from breast to breast faster and faster. If I moved quickly enough, the feeling from the last caress would combine with the next. At one point, the feeling became so pleasurable that I let out a deep, loud moan of pleasure. My dog heard the sound and came running into my bedroom. He jumped on my naked, breast-filled chest. The dog began to sniff the new breasts. He knew that something was different about me. He used his wet, cold nose to sniff all around my chest and stomach. He started licking my bottom breasts, and I couldn't help but let out a scream of sheer delight at the feeling it invoked in me. I continued to let him lick my nipples. I actually felt a little disappointed when he decided to stop and run back into the other room. I realized at that moment that I needed to find someone, some lover, to lick my breasts, to suck on my breasts, to caress them, and to love them as I was trying to love them. I rolled on the soft carpet of my bedroom floor. I felt like some little schoolgirl rolling in the grass. I didn't care if I looked stupid rolling around on the carpet totally naked. I liked the way the soft carpet felt on my six breasts as I rolled over it.

"I jumped up off the floor and ran to my dresser. All six of my breasts bounced liberally as I ran. I pulled open the drawer and started pulling out nightgowns, shirts, sweaters, lingerie and anything else I could find. I had almost all of my tops piled up next to my bedroom mirror. I wanted to see how all my old tops looked on my new body. More important, I wanted to feel them. I wanted the sensation of feeling the different fabrics against my new breasts. None of my old tops fit me any more. All of my small-sized shirts didn't even come close to fitting. For one thing I was a foot taller. Most of my old shirts were no longer tall enough for me. The shirts were so tight around my upper four breasts that they conformed to my many curves like a second skin. My bottom two breasts didn't even get covered. They simply hung out nakedly.

"It was obvious that I need to go shopping for new clothes desperately, but what would I wear to the department store? None of my clothes fit me. I had no bras. All of my tops were too tight and too short. Even my pants and shoes were too small for me. When my body had grown, my feet had gotten bigger too. The only top that would work was my bedshirt. Unfortunately it had a huge picture of Bugs Bunny on it. I was going to look real cool. I'm sure no one would notice a six-breasted woman in a oversized cartoon bedshirt. I didn't really care. I actually wanted people to look at my breasts. For the first time in my life, I wanted people to notice my chest As for the clothes down below, I did have several skirts that I could wear, although they too seemed quite a bit tighter and shorter than they had before the transformation. The only type of shoe I could find that would work was an old pair of slippers. Yep, I would be making a bold fashion statement alright: cartoon bedshirt, skirt, and slippers, to say nothing of my six breasts. Even though the bedshirt was loose, my six breasts still showed clearly. Good, maybe it would distract attention away from the huge picture of Bugs Bunny.

"When I got to the my favorite women's wear store, I was excited about the prospect of buying new clothes, especially the bras. I had never even needed a bra before, and now I needed to wear three at once! Luckily, only three other women were shopping in the store. Including the saleswoman, I only had to show off my high fashion to four people. Two of the shoppers glared at me suspiciously while the other woman tried her hardest to look at me without appearing to look at me. I ignored their stares. I focused on all the beautiful fashions that I could buy. The beautiful and very well-endowed sales woman approached me and asked if she could help me. I couldn't wait. I had to look for that piece of clothing which I had never before needed.

"'I'm looking some bras.' I told her.

"She stared at the six large mounds sticking out from my shirt and said. 'Yes, I guess you are.' She was looking at my body in a way which suggested to me that she was attracted by it. I don't think she noticed, but I was looking at her beautifully large breasts in the same way. She led me to the bra section were she asked. 'What size are you?'

"I laughed. 'I don't exactly know, my breasts have very recently gone through some changes. I tried to sound flirtatious. I arched my back and subtly caressed the sides of my middle pair of breasts. The saleswoman looked deeply into my eyes. It seemed she was indeed attracted to me. Her eyes returned to my chest. It appeared that she could not take her eyes off of my breasts very long. I as well had a hard time diverting my stare away from her large breasts.

"'I'll get the tape measure.' She said in a sexier voice than she had used previously. She returned with the tape in hand. As she slipped the tape around my chest, she brushed the palm of her hand ever so slightly against my breast. I smiled in an attempt to show her that I enjoyed it. She measured around my ribcage in-between my first and second pair of breasts. '33,' She said. 'That would make you about a 38 bra size. She brought the tape up to measure my bust size, she once again subtly felt my breasts. Again, I smiled at her. '42,' She stated. 'That's a four inch difference between bust and bra size which would put you in a D-cup.'

"'I see. Well, what bras would you recommend?' This question was deliberate. I wanted to hear her reaction.

"'Well,' She struggled. 'I'm not sure that we have any bras that exactly cater to your needs.'

"'What do you mean?' I asked as I again arched my back. I caressed one of my bottom breasts. I was less subtle this time.

"'Well,' She struggled even more to find the appropriate words which would get her meaning across if she was correct in her suspicions, but not make her look like a fool if she was wrong. 'We don't have any bras which will fit the... uh... quantity you need. You'll probably need to buy several bras.'

"'Yes,' I said in a voice which attempted to sound sultry, but it was difficult considering that I still had on that ridiculous shirt. 'I am looking to buy lots of bras. I might have to buy all of your 38D's. I'll need several blouses and skirts too, why don't you try to gather some up for me while I search through your bra collection.' I had picked out over twenty bras in my size that I liked by the time the saleswoman returned with several skirts, blouses, and even a few dresses draped over her arm.

"She handed them to me, and said. 'This woman is ready to purchase her clothing. I'll be back in a few moments.' She then went to serve the woman waiting by the cash register. I looked around the small store. The other two women were gone. They must have decided not to buy anything, or perhaps I scared them away. I waited for the sales woman to finish with the only other customer. She returned to me as the other woman left the store. The saleswoman asked if she could help me with anything else. I whispered. 'Perhaps you could help me try them on.' I lightly caressed her thigh as I walked past her toward the dressing rooms. I hoped that I had not been too forward, that is if she even heard me.

"I was pleasantly surprised to see that she wasted no time in following me. I opened the door of one of the changing rooms, and the sales clerk followed right behind. I closed the door behind me. I threw the clothes down on the small ledge inside the room. We both just stood there for a moment in an awkward silence, both of us looking down at the floor. I was the first to move. I slowly brought my hand up and moved it ever so slowly toward one of her large breasts. I would have never been so bold as to ask this woman back here, to say nothing of touching her breast lovingly, before today. The transformation had given me a confidence I lacked previously. I had a shyness that only a flat-chested woman can know. The old shell that I used to cower in had now disappeared. When my breasts grew, they shattered through it, breaking it down forever. After what seemed like an eternity, my hand finally reached her bosom. She put up no defenses to my move. I palmed her massive breast liberally. I brought my other hand up quickly and placed it tenderly upon her other breast. I pulled down her top, exposing her bra. I slowly caressed her luscious breasts through the slick fabric of the bra, slowly working my hands around to the clasp in the back. As my arms reached around her beautiful frame, she brought her arms up and wrapped them tenderly around me. She brought her body closer to mine. We embraced in a hug. My upper set of breasts pressed up against her large breasts. The feeling was wonderful. I unclasped her bra, freeing her breasts. I slipped the bra from her shoulders, and then ran my fingers and the straps gently down her arms. She quivered every so slightly. I threw her bra on top of the clothing she had picked out for me. I ran both of my hands down her side to the small of her back. I pulled her down gently, and we fell to our knees. I lowered my head as she arched hers back. I began to lick one of her nipples. I placed my head between her two huge breasts and enjoyed the feel as they touched my checks.

"The saleswoman grabbed the bottom of my bedshirt and pulled it up and off my body. Her jaw dropped at the sight of my six breasts. She had known they were there, but seeing them made it seem more real. A smile came to her face. It seemed like I was fulfilling a fantasy of hers, just as she was doing for me. After all those dreams I'd had about lovingly caressing another woman's large breasts, it was finally made real. She leaned in toward me, plunging her head into the area between my middle set of breasts. She began to lick my breasts, moving from one nipple to the next. I continued to fondle her breasts. Every few licks, I would receive that wonderful sensation through my body.

"I wanted this moment in the dressing room to last forever, but it was cut short. We heard the sound of the front door opening as another customer entered. The clerk tried to get up, but I pulled her down. 'Don't go. Let the customer wait.' I said. She didn't listen. She stood up and proceeded to dress herself. I was dismayed. I wanted it to last longer.

"After she left the dressing room I spent more than an hour trying on skirts and dresses, seeing which ones complemented my new, taller, six-breasted figure. I took my time trying on the clothes. I hoped that the clerk would come back, but she never did. I finally decided on the clothes and underwear I liked, and I brought them up to the front counter. I had dozens of bras. Many of them were strapless. The strapless bras seemed to work the best for my lower two pairs of breasts. I spent a ridiculous amount of money on clothes that day. Before I left, I asked for the clerk for her name, but , like the gypsy, she refused to give it to me. Perhaps it was because she knew that she could not fulfill my future dreams either."

Well, that's the story of Michelle's transformation. She came to work here at the studio as a model soon after her transformation. But, as a postscript, you may be interested in what happened to her two friends. Kate continues to led a normal life much the same as she did before her height transformation. When people ask about her incredible growth in height, she usually tells them some story about a top secret, medical hormone injection. I guess such stories are easier for people to believe than magic charms. As for the transformation which occurred to her friends, she never discusses that. It's too painful a memory for her. Michelle and Helen never hear from Kate anymore. It's too difficult for Kate to see them, or even hear from them. As for Michelle and Helen, they share a house in the country together. Michelle supports them both. According to Michelle, Helen's mind was left in a very delicate condition after the transformation.

As Michelle describes it: "She's a basket case, but that's OK. She's my basket case, and I love her. I would do anything for her. She is still my best friend. She refuses to leave the house. She's afraid to go outside. I tell her that it's alright. I don't mind supporting her. I love her, and I make love to her. I don't mind that she's a cowtaur. I think she's beautiful, and she thinks I'm beautiful. Now, when I say that we 'make love' I don't mean that in the sense that most people would think. Most of our love making revolves around our breasts. Helen's breasts are like mine. They are extremely sensitive. If touched or licked just right, they produce a feeling much more pleasurable than even an orgasm. I lick, suck and caress her breasts while she does the same for me, and it is the primary focus of our sex. Our vaginas are only secondary. The transformations we went through have made us people who yearn for a warm touch on our breasts. Vampires need blood, and Helen and I need each other's touch. Keep in mind, that when I speak of Helen's breasts, I mean her human breasts, not her udder. I don't touch that except for each morning when I milk her. I know that sounds incredibly strange, but she is half cow after all. If I don't keep her milked each morning, her udder starts to hurt. She has a hard time trying to reach her udder nipples by herself. Her human breasts are much the same way, they need to be milked every couple of days too, or her breasts start to hurt. I usually suck it out from one of the four long nipples on each of her breasts. Helen has never really accepted her transformation. Her dreams of having the 'perfect' body were left unanswered. Nevertheless, I accept her. I would accept her no matter what she looked like. Right now, both of our biggest dreams for the future is to have someone to care about and to love, and as long as Helen and I have each other, that dream will always be fulfilled."

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