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Buy CellSol Kits

We aim to make it easy for you to build your own CellSol pylons and truly own your infrastructure. If you would like to purchase fully assembled or partially assembled kits, you can support the project by purchasing them directly from Robots Everywhere. Head over to their product page and choose your preferred pylon type. Robots Everywhere has done the engineering and promotion work for CellSol, so by buying kits from them, you are supporting their contribution to the project.

Compatible Equipment

You can search for the following boards on your favorite electronics retailer website. You can then download the appropriate firmware from here, and flash it on the board.

  • Heltec Lora32V2 ESP32 board
  • Heltec Lora32V1 ESP32 board
  • TTGO/LILYGO ESP32 LoRa Dev Board
  • BSFRANCE Feather32u4 LoRa board
  • Adafruit Feather M0