Beauty Diversified

Beauty Diversified

By Multibreast

How did I get here? I didn't know. I didn't even know where here was. I couldn't move. I was paralyzed. I couldn't see. Either my eyes didn't work anymore, or the room was very dark. I began to think it was probably the second scenario, because I began to see subtle forms take shape in the darkness. At least, I though they were forms. I couldn't really tell. I was so damn scared. The forms could have been no more than hallucinations brought on by my fright.

No matter how I tried, I couldn't get control of my senses. I would try to collect my thoughts, but just when it felt like I was about to reach clarity, my mind would go spiraling out of control again. It felt like I was drugged. Perhaps I was. It would explain a lot. Perhaps some horrible poison was racing through my veins. A poison which, as I lay motionless in terror, is taking away all my senses. I could not see or hear anything. Maybe there was nothing to hear. I couldn't be sure. I had no idea where I was. My memories of recent events seemed to be gone. I had no idea of where I was last night, or of the night before. My head was swimming in a deep ocean of confusion. I tried to reach the surface, but could not. Every time I came close, it was like some force grabbed me by the neck, and pulled me back down. I was drowning in the chaos that was my mind.

It resembled a nightmare. I could feel nothing. It couldn't be a dream however. It was all too frighteningly real. I was trapped in a darkness without any of my senses to guide me. Perhaps I was dead. A soul trying to use a body that it no longer possessed. It was the only explanation my jumbled mind could comprehend. It was an explanation that I was about ready to accept until I detected the smells.

I could finally sense something. I detected an odor. I couldn't be dead. How could I smell without a nose? I couldn't quite perceive what the scent was at first, only that it was there. Later, it came to me. It was the smell of a barnyard. It was a quite distinctive smell. I had experienced it before, every time I set foot on a farm. Barnyards' always had their own unique smell. They were a combination of animals scents, hay, grass, weeds, mold, oil, and gasoline. The scents always mingled together to form the unmistakable smell of a barnyard. The smell grew stronger. My sense of smell seemed to be getting more keen. The barnyard scent in this place was somewhat different than what I had smelled before. I recognized it, but I couldn't place it at first. I realized that not only was my sense of returning, but my thoughts were also becoming more coherent. The jumbled mass of thoughts in my mind was slowly starting to take on some order. After a short time, I was able to recognize the scent. It was the smell of a doctor's office. The plant and animal smells of this dark place were present, but the smell of machinery was not. The plant and animal scents were instead mixed with the smell of chemicals, like one might expect in a laboratory or hospital.

What could this place be? What would have such a scent? My other senses started to return to me. I began to definitely see shapes emerging from the darkness. I couldn't make them out, but I knew something was there. I began to hear noises as well. The sounds were very muffled at first, but I was soon able to recognize them as insect and animal sounds. Crickets chirped. Horses neighed. Pigs oinked, and cows mooed. It definitely seemed as though I was in a barn of some type. I suspected that my vision was getting better, and that I was in very dark surroundings.

As my thoughts began to become evermore rational, I began to realize that my sense of touch was not returning in the same matter that my other senses were. I could still feel nothing, nor could I move. I was still completely paralyzed. I tried to scream, but I could not open my mouth, nor could I even feel my mouth. I couldn't move an inch, or even feel the presence of my body for that matter. I remain there in that dark place inside of a body that I could not even feel. I was scared beyond imagination. I felt like crying. Perhaps I was crying and just couldn't detect the tears on my face. It seemed like I lay motionless there for a very long time. It seemed an eternity.

I don't remember falling asleep, but I must have, because I wearily opened my eyes. It was still pitch black. I still could not make out more than the slightest hints of forms. I was struck by an excitement. I realized that I could feel my eyes when I had awoke. I tried to move. I tried to bring my hand up in front of my face, but I could not. Something was terribly wrong. I wasn't paralyzed. I felt my body move. The feel of my corporeal body was weak. It was as though I were disconnected from it somehow. I could feel my body, but only barely, as if my soul were an arm's length behind my body, and desperately trying to jump back in the flesh. It was not an easy task to try and move my hand up in front of my face in the darkness. It took all of my concentration to even make the attempt. It did not work. I could barely detect the presence of my body, but I knew something was wrong. I felt my body move as I tried to lift my hand, and it was not right. The proportions were wrong. My hands were in the wrong spot somehow, and they were not aligned right. I tried to move my arm again. I felt more movement. It was stronger that time. My awareness of my own body was becoming more pronounced, and so was the realization that something was terribly wrong. My hand was not in the right place. It was on a different part of my body. It was the wrong shape too. It was clumsy and heavy. The same was true of my entire body.

I tried to stand up, and to walk. I put all my concentration and effort into one giant movement. My body lurched. My mind went spiraling downward. With my movement, I catapulted myself back into my body. All my senses came rushing back to me full force. It was like my soul was being funneled back into my body like oil is funneled into an engine. In an instant, all my senses came back to me. The sounds, the smells, and the feel of the real world came flooding back. I could feel my body entirely now, except it wasn't my body. It was an entirely different body. I opened my eyes. The darkness started to fade. It had been dim, but not so dim that one could not see. My vision had not been powerful enough to detect any shapes. The imagery of a barn began to reveal itself to me. The assorted farm animals quickly came to view. My sight had returned.

I looked down trying to see what had happened to my body. I saw no body! I only saw the floor. I lowered my head further. I saw hooves! They were cow hooves, and they were mine! What the hell was happening? I craned my neck over my shoulder, my cow shoulder, and looked back at my body. It was the body of a cow. My consciousness had somehow been placed into the body of a diary cow. I felt my tail, my hooves, my fur, my udder, everything. I was a cow. Yet, even that bizarre statement wasn't entirely true. I could see my hair hanging down. It was my normal blonde human hair. There was my nose too. It was human as well. I could see it as I looked down. It appeared as though I had a human head. I looked frantically around the large barn. I saw no doors or any other means of exit. All I saw was a hay covered floor, various barnyard animals, plain wooden walls, a high ceiling, and a mirror. The mirror caught my attention immediately. It was out of place. Such mirrors are not a usual sight in barns. It was huge. It was square, and covered nearly half the entire wall.

I tried to walk. I stumbled terribly at first, not used to having four legs. I kept wanting to swing my arms, yet I had none to swing. I had no hands either. As if on cue, my nose started to itch. It was as if my subconscious was playing tricks on me, knowing that I could not reach up to scratch it. I twitched my nose. It provided some relief. I slowly managed to work my clumsy cow body over to the large mirror. My fears were true. I looked at my ghastly reflection. I saw my head attached to the body of a cow. The vision was insane, like some sort of terrible nightmare. It was real, all too real. I could feel every inch of my new form, from my human head down to the fluffy tip of my bovine tail.

How had this happened? Who would do such a thing? Was it some pathetic attempt to save my life? Had I been in an accident? I didn't think such transplants were possible. How could a my head be attached to a cow's body. The cow's body would reject it. Why would someone even bother? Infection would soon set in, and I would die anyway. It couldn't be the case though. My neck felt fine. I looked closely in the slightly dirty mirror and saw no evidence of surgery. No sutures were visible on my neck. This barn didn't resemble a hospital in any matter except for the slight doctor's office scent anyway. My neck didn't hurt. There was no swelling. From all indications, the skin on my human neck blended smoothly and perfectly in the furry skin at the top of the cow's torso. As odd as it appeared, the seamless blend from my neck to the cow's body made it seem almost natural in an eerie way, like it had always been like that.

I continued to search around the barn, looking for a door or some other means of escape. I found nothing. It seemed that this barn was completely closed. The dimness of the barn was fading even more now. It was definitely getting brighter. I craned my neck upwards. The high ceiling appeared to be made of opaque siding. Light penetrated through it. It was basically like a skylight. It illuminated the entire barn. It was getting brighter by the moment. It appeared as though wherever this place was, it was sunrise there. The entire large barn was easily visible. I could see two horses, five pigs, a few chickens, and some sheep. They all combined together in their scents and sounds to make the perfect barnyard atmosphere. If it wasn't for me, the cow with a woman's head, there wouldn't be anything that unusual about this place. The large mirror probably wouldn't take that much notice. It is a little different, but nothing too out of the ordinary. A cow with the head of a woman however was definitely something out of the ordinary. Call the circus! Call the news! We have a freak of nature right here. That freak is I. To be gawked at by whomever has an interest for those sort of bizarre attractions.

I heard something. It was footsteps. Not the trotting of an animal, but the footsteps of a human being. I tried to cry out, but couldn't My voice had not returned to me. I couldn't say a word, or even make a frightened sound! The footsteps were coming closer. Yes! Perhaps I would finally get an explanation. I heard whistling too. This person was whistling merrily. How could they whistle so joyfully when I was in here in the middle of a real nightmare! I heard some rattling. I looked over to the side of the barn from which the noise emanated. A seam started to appear from out of nowhere. Suddenly there was a door on the side of the barn where there had once been none. I approached it as quickly as I could in my awkward body. It opened, and a tall man stepped though. He closed the door behind him, and the door once again disappeared into a seamless side of the barn.

I looked at the man as he approached me. I wanted to scream for help, and hide my face in embarrassment at the same time. I could do neither. The man was well-muscled and tanned. He had long, dark hair which framed a slightly wrinkled face with a happy-go-lucky expression on it. He wore the classic overalls of the stereotypical farmer, and carried a metal bucket. He stood next to me and petted my human head.

"How are you today, Betsie." He said cheerfully.

My name wasn't Betsie. What the hell was the matter with this guy! Couldn't he see what I was? I was a cow with the head of a woman for crying out loud!

"What's the matter," he continued. "You look troubled. Is it your udder? Is it getting a little tight?" He pulled out a stool which was leaned up against one of the horse stalls and placed it near my rear end. He patted my udder.

It hurt when he touched it. It was tight. I hadn't really noticed it before. It was very tight, and painful to the touch. It was undoubtedly full of milk. My embarrassment grew. As if being fondled wasn't bad enough, I was about ready to be milked. The man grabbed hold of one of my teats and started to pull. It was painful at first. I wanted him to stop. Yet, after the first couple of tugs, it didn't feel so bad. In fact, it stated to feel very enjoyable. For a moment, I forgot about all the pain and horror of my new form, and just enjoyed the feel of the warm hands as they squeezed my udder teats. I heard the milk squirting into the pale, my milk. I was loaded with the stuff. Never had I been able to produce such a large quantity of lactation before. The milking was enjoyable, almost orgasmic. I actually hated to have it end.

"There, all better now?" The man asked.

My smile quickly faded. I grew angry again. What the hell was wrong with this guy? He was looking right at a cow with the head of a woman. Yet, he didn't seem affected in the slightest. I tried to scream at him. I wanted to yell. "Who are you?! What happened to me?! Are you responsible for this?! Change me back!" yet, the only thing that came out of my mouth was "Moooo!"

The man burst out laughing. "What's the matter, dear? Don't tell me you don't like your beautiful new body."

I tried to yell at him again, to tell him exactly that, yet once again, the only thing that I was able to say was "Mooooo!"

He started to laugh again. "Boy, for someone how doesn't like being a cow, you sure sound like one."

Why couldn't I talk? I had a human neck, and assumably my own vocal chords. Why could I only make cow noises?

The man smiled down at me. "I know you miss your voice, dear. I can tell. I can read the expressions on your face perfectly. I know you so well, my love. We have a connection. We were meant for each other."

He was responsible. I was in the hands of a madman. He was obviously nuts.

"I know you must think that I am crazy, my sweet," he continued. "I assure you, however, that it is not the case. I have freed you. I have allowed you to escape from that ugly body you once had. I have given you a much better one, and I shall give you more. No longer will you be confined to the prison of just one form. I shall give you diversity. Diversity is beauty! Wouldn't you agree, my dear?"

I tried to scream again, but once again, only the cow noises came out.

"Don't worry, my dear. If you promise to be good tonight, you may find tomorrow's form will allow you much more freedom. However, you must promise not to abuse the extra freedom that I give you. Otherwise, I might have to leave you in this form for a while longer. Goodnight, my love."

I must have fallen asleep, or been put to sleep right after that, because the next thing I remembered was waking up the next morning. As I quickly floated up from the land of dreams into the clarity of waking reality, I once again sensed my tail, my four legs, and my udder. I still had a cow's body. Yet, something was different. Arms! I had arms! I opened my eyes and beheld my human arms. They had returned to me and were fully functional. No, I didn't just have my human arms back. I now had two sets of arms. I had an identical pair of human arms just below my regular ones. The lower pair seemed to work just as well as the upper set. It was so strange. I had four arms, all of them equally dexterous.

It seemed as though the Madman had given me back some of my human body, but with a few alterations. From the waist up, I had a mostly human female appearance, but an odd one. The four hands were just the start. My breasts were different. My pair of B-cups had been replaced with two larger pairs. I had four breasts now, all equal in size to about a D-cup. Not that a bra would have fit anyway, not with my new nipples. Each of my four large breasts had four long nipples on it. All sixteen of my new nipples dangled long and thick. Each one was about five inches in length. I grabbed at one of them. Even though I barely tugged at it, a stream of lactation went sailing across the barn. Below my lower pair of tits was what first appeared to be a pale pot belly with more nipples attached to it, but it wasn't. It was an udder. Below the waist, I still had the body of a cow. I seemed to now have the body of a cowtaur. I trotted around a little bit. I found it easier to walk with four legs, now that I had arms to swing. The sound of my four hooves hitting the ground as I trotted sounded strange. It was so unusual to have hooves instead of feet.

I had two udders now, the one in back, and another one attached to my human belly. Both of them were tight and full of milk. I grabbed the teats on my stomach udder and started to milk myself. Streams of milk shot out at great distances across the barn. I aimed a couple of the teats toward my mouth and gave them a good pull. the stream of milk splashed across my face. I managed to get some into my hungry mouth. It tasted good. I hadn't eaten in at least two days, and I had only drank a little. There was water over by one of the stables, but it hadn't looked too clean.

Illustration by Bongo

The feelings aroused by my own milking were once again very enjoyable. It was comparable to the feelings aroused by sex. It felt almost masturbatory as I yanked on my stomach udder teats and watched the lactation spray across the barn. My lower, cow's udder needed milking too. I slowly lay down. I rolled over on my side, and tried to reach the udder with my hands. It was no use. I couldn't reach it. At that moment, the door appeared in the side of the barn, and the Madman stepped through, carrying the metal milking pale.

"Don't bother with that, dear. I'll be happy to do it for you" He said cheerfully.

"Screw you!" I yelled. My voice! I had my voice back too. The words sounded so beautiful as they came out of my mouth.

The Madman was visibly upset. "Screw me? You'll be the only one screwed if you keep up that attitude, my dear. Remember who has the power here. Hell, you can't even milk yourself without me."

"Change me back this instant!" I yelled angrily.

"Quite impossible, dear. Your old ugly human form is gone. I have worked a lifetime to perfect the changes that are essential to the adding the diversity that makes women beautiful. You, my lovely, are one of the lucky ones."

"Lucky!" I screamed. "You turn me into a cow, and you call me lucky!"

The Madman shook his head. "Not a cow, my darling. A woman so beautiful because she is neither an animal nor a human, but somewhere in the beautiful in-between. Your beauty shall never become stale. I shall keep you beautiful by constantly changing you. I shall vary it, sometimes you shall be mostly human, and sometimes you shall be mostly animal as you were yesterday, but you shall never be ordinary, because ordinary is ugly. Wouldn't you agree?"

"No!" I screamed. "You are nuts! I don't care if you want to have sex with these animals, you sick bastard. Don't use me to justify your bestiality!"

"You are mistaken," he stated angrily. "I have no more sexual attraction to an animal than I do to an ugly human. Both types of creatures are so dull. I love the females who are in the beautiful in-between. Most people are afraid of changes. Not me, I live for it." He said as he came closer to me. "Oh, you are so lovely."

As he leaned in to kiss me, I thrust one of my four hands to his throat, and started to squeeze. He easily pulled my hand away. He was obviously much stronger than I. I smacked him hard across the face with one of my other many hands. The extra hands did give me some advantage over this madman.

"I told you not to abuse your new freedom." He mumbled as he rubbed the part of his cheek reddened by my smack. "You will have to be punished. You have to learn that hands are a privilege, not a right in my barn!"

"You have no right!" I screamed as I waved my four hands in the air. My many teats jiggled noticeably. "You have no right to kidnap me and violate my body like this!"

"I have every right!" He screamed as he threw the milking pale down violently at the floor.

"What right?!" I tried to keep from trembling angrily, realizing how silly my wobbling udder and breast teats must look.

The man glared at me with his mad eyes, and growled. "The same right that a sculptor has of taking a block of wood and shaping it into a work of art. Don't you see, Betsie? I'm making you into a piece of art. But, unlike the sculptor, I don't have to stop. I can keep changing you. I can keep making you beautiful through the many changes to your form."

"No," I responded as I cross my four arms across my large nipple-filled chest. "I don't see what you mean at all, and why are you calling me Betsie? It is not my name."

"I'm sorry," He said in a lighter tone. "I just figured it fit, since you are partially a cow and all. I didn't want to mention your old name. I figured it would help you forget about the old you, and accept your new shape shifting life with me."

"I never wanted this life! You kidnapped me and violated me!" I tried to scream more, but I couldn't. I started to break down. Tears rolled freely down my cheeks, dripping softly onto my large breasts and down my elongated nipples.

The Madman's face grew soft and caring. He reached a hand out to wipe away my tears. I smacked it away. "Don't you touch me, you bastard!"

The anger returned to the Madman's face. It was even more intense than it was before. "I can see that it can not wait for tonight. I'll have to punish you right now."

Those were the last words that I remember. I must have been put to sleep again. When I awoke, the daylight was gone, and so was the cowtaur body that I had possessed. My arms were gone! He had done as he had threatened to do. My arms weren't the only thing missing though. My legs were gone too! I no longer had any limbs! What had the Madman done to me now? I looked down at my limbless body in the dim light. My body was coiled. It was the body of a snake! It was larger though, proportioned to the size of my torso. I appeared to be a naga. The scales of my body extended further up in the back than in the front. In the front, the snake scales extended up to just below a vagina. It looked like a human vagina, except it was on a more vertical plane than it would be if I still had my legs. The scales on the back and sides extended all the way up to my neck. The only human parts on me were my head, the front of my neck, my chest, and the vagina. The chest was different too. The udder was gone. It was now covered in three pairs of small breasts. Each breast was probably no more than A-cup in size.

Illustrations by Access

To my surprise, I was able to maneuver around in this new form quite well. I was able to slither across the hay covered floor with ease. I didn't miss the legs that much, but the lack of arms was horrible. I hated not having them. I looked at my new body with anger and curiosity at the same time. I was interested in the vagina structure. I wondered if it worked just like a normal human vagina. I slithered around until I got myself in the proper position, then I examined it with the closest thing to a limb than I possessed, the tapered tip of my snake tail. I slid the end of my snake tail into my pussy. I tickled my clit with the tip of the tail. It sent waves of pleasure rippling through me. I continued to masturbate with my snake's tail. Anything that would take my mind off the hunger pains. Milk and water were the only sustenance I had in at least the last three days.

The Madman walked in suddenly, catching me masturbating. He grinned. "I see that even without limbs, you still find ways to amuse yourself."

I wanted to yell at him again, but I immediately smelled the food. My mouth began to water. He brushed some hay aside and place the plate of warm food on the dirt floor.

"There you go." He smiled. "Wouldn't want you to go hungry. I realize it has been awhile since you have eaten. I am very sorry about that. It was an oversight on my part. I promise it won't happen again.

"How am I supposed to eat that?" I looked him right in the eyes, using my large snake body to stand my torso vertical in front of him.

"That is your problem, not mine. If you had behaved yourself yesterday, you wouldn't be having a problem at all now would you?" He said with a smirk.

I was too hungry to argue with him. I tried to balance myself so my face could hover right above the plate, so I could eat at it. Unfortunately, I lost my balance, and my face went crashing into the plate of food. Grease and little bits of food stuck to my face as I looked up at the Madman who was now rolling with laughter.

"I see that you get a lot of enjoyment out of demeaning me." I stated as I tried to shake the pieces of food from my face.

His laughter ceased abruptly. "I hope you don't think that I'm enjoying myself. I hate treating you this way."

"Yeah, you're miserable. Most people laugh when they are miserable." I said without looking up from the plate from which I was having so much difficulty eating.

"I love you, and as soon as you start to accept your fate, you will realize that."

"The hell with you. I'll never accept these strange forms of yours!" I gave him a look a pure contempt. "You are nothing but a psycho!"

I saw his anger rise again. "I think that I need to give you a live demonstration of just who is in charge here." He walked over and picked up my plate. He placed it in a new position on a bench which hung from the wall about three feet from the ground on the other side of the barn. "Why don't you slither over here and eat your food from off this bench over here." He stated with a devious smile.

I started the slither over to that side of the barn, still feeling very hungry. As I slithered, I felt a strange tingling in my chest. I looked down. My breasts were starting to grow right in front of my eyes. The six very small breasts with which I had awoken were all growing. How was could this change be taking place? It was like they were growing under they own power, but I knew that they weren't. I knew that I was somehow under the influence of the Madman. But how? How was he changing me? I saw a grin on his face that almost hid the look of concentration which had come over him. It was almost as if he were transforming me with his own sheer will.

My back began to ache. My slithering had slowed considerably. My human torso began to droop noticeably. My breasts were getting very large now. All six were probably already at DD-cup size and still growing rapidly. In a matter of seconds, each of the six breasts were as big as my head, and still growing. They were huge! Each one crowded the next. They pressed up against each other, and became a gigantic, uncontrollable weight upon me. I could no longer lift my torso up. I lay helpless on the ground. My breasts continued to press against the hay on the floor, pushing me upwards as they continued to grow. I could not move. The only movement was the growing of my gigantic breasts, and the flickering of my serpent tail as I tried fruitlessly to lift my human torso. My breasts suddenly stopped expanding, as I heard the laughter of the Madman come bellowing from behind me. Each of my six breasts were unbelievably large. Each one was about twice the size of my head. They kept my torso propped up on six giant mounds of flesh.

The Madman spoke through his laughter. "What's the matter? Find out that your not as strong as you thought you were? If I don't reduce the size of your breasts, you'll lay there paralyzed until you die, my little snake woman. Now, ask me nicely, and I'll consider reducing them for you so that you may eat."

"The hell with you!" I shouted. "You won't let me die. You are too obsessed with me."

He shook his head. "I do love you yes, but make no mistake, I will give you up if I must. I can't let you live unless you learn a little respect. So, what is it going to be?"

I felt like bursting into tears at that point, but I resisted. I didn't want to give him the satisfaction. I begrudgingly apologized for being difficult, and asked him to allow me to move so that I could eat. I hated asking his permission for anything, but I seemed that I had little choice at that point. After apologizing, I immediately felt my six breasts getting smaller. They quickly returned to the small size that they had been when I first awoke. Without a word, I slithered over to the bench. I tried to hover my face over the plate and nibble away at the food. It didn't work very well. I finally decided to just shove my face into the now cold food. I finished the food quickly, licking every single morsel off the plate. After I finished, the Madman came over and wiped my face with a damp rag, cleaning me. I closed my eyes as he did so, not wanting to look at him. When I opened my eyes back up, I discovered the Madman smiling down at me.

He spoke to me, without the grin breaking from his face. "I think you have learned a good lesson today. I think that I'll reward you by giving you some legs tomorrow. Of course, I won't be able to give you your arms back yet. I don't think that you deserve to have that privilege back yet."

The Madman left me alone in the barn. Unlike the other times, I didn't pass out. I fell asleep on my own, wrapping myself up in my coiled snake body. When I awoke, I felt that I once again had legs. I had four of them. I looked down at my new body. It appeared very soft and fluffy. It was a sheep. I trotted over to the mirror and looked at my reflection. The form was similar to the first strange body I had. I still had my human head, but instead of being attached to a cow's body, it was now attached to that of a sheep. I couldn't get over how weird that I looked. Yet, just as with the first strange form that I was given, my human head faded seamlessly into the skin of the sheep's body.

I stared at my odd new body for a long time. Finally, the Madman entered with a plate of food. I wanted to yell at him some more, but I realized that it would only get me either killed or placed in an even more restrictive body. I would have to be nice to him, at least for the time being. He placed the plate of food in front of me. I leaned my human head down and began to eat. It was much easier to eat with legs. I still messed my face because of my lack of arms, but I was able to finish the meal much quicker than last time. Once I was finished, the Madman wiped the grease an crumbs away from my face.

As much as it disgusted me to do so, I nudged him tenderly with my soft sheep's fur. I desperately wanted hands, and this was the only way I was going to get them back. The Madman leaned into me, gently stroking my sheep body. He pressed his lips to mine. I felt like biting him, but I resisted the urge, and returned his kiss.

The Madman broke the kiss and smiled at me. "You are certainly starting to come around. I guess that I'll have to reward you again my little sheep woman."

I had hoped that meant having hands. To my dismay, I still had none the following day. I had the arms, but they ended in hooves rather than hands. I had been given the form of what appeared to be a bipedal pig woman. My basic form was humanoid. I had the legs of a woman, but not the feet. I instead had pig hooves, except that they were wider in order to support my extra weight. As I tapped my way over to the large mirror, I felt something strange flicking my rear. I reached back with my clumsy hoof and discovered something there. I looked back and saw that I had a curly pig's tail extending from the base of my back just above my butt. When I finally reached the mirror, I was shocked to find that my nose had been replaced by a pig's snout. It was large and round. My upper lip was slightly pulled up to connect with it. My nostrils flared out terribly. It was flat at the tip, and very strange-looking on me. It appeared as though the Madman had turned me into a real flesh and blood version of Miss Piggy. I tried to touch my strange new nose, but my hard, hand hoof provided little tactile information about my snout.

My breasts were also very strange. They looked even stranger than the six breasts that I had in the naga form. I had multiple breasts again, but this time they weren't even paired right. I had five breasts. They were all large in size. Each one was about a DD-cup. I had a row of three breasts over a row of two. It was very weird. I ran my hand hooves over them. I was startled by the Madman as he entered through the door which emerged from seemingly out of nowhere in the side of the barn.

"Ah, you are looking very beautiful today my little piggy." The Madman said as he approached. He reached his hand up and started to caress one of my lower breasts. I wrapped my hand hooves around him, and planted a kiss on him. I stuck my tongue in his mouth, kissing him deeply. I tried my best to love this disgusting man. He broke away from the kiss and moved down my weird body. He nuzzled his cheek against my upper row of breasts. He licked around my upper center nipple as he cupped the two upper side breasts. I had to admit that I was actually enjoying the feel of all these large and luscious breasts. He took the nipple on my middle center breast into his mouth. He suckled at it. I was surprised as a strong stream of lactation squirted into his mouth. It was such a strong burst of milk, that he couldn't quite sallow it all. Some of it dribbled down his lips and chin. He brought his head back up and kissed me with his milk-stained lips. I tasted the sweet milk, my milk!

"It tastes so sweet." I couldn't help but say. My comment was followed by an unintentional oink. "What the hell!" I yelled. My shout was followed by an even louder oink and an embarrassing squeal. My voice was now somewhere between that of a human female's and a pig's. As I came to terms with my voice, the Madman was lowering his pants. He pulled my head down toward his crotch. I begrudgingly wrapped my lips around his now hard penis. I started licking down his shaft. I then started to suck strongly at it. With each suck, I breathed through my snout, causing me to squeal and oink loudly as I sucked his cock. I sounded like a regular pig as my snout borrowed into his mass of pubic hair as I sucked on him.

The Madman pulled my head away from his cock. He rubbed the tip of his member up against my vagina. I then felt something in my pussy, not being pressed into it, but coming out of it. I looked down in horror to see a long tongue sliding out of my vagina, and wrapping itself around the Madman's penis. The strange tongue seemed to have a mind of it's own as it licked all along the Madman's shaft. As he penetrated into me, it continued to lick at him. It was almost like I was giving him oral sex and vaginal sex at the same time. As his hard cock rapidly thrust into my strange vagina, my vaginal tongue licked at his penis in rhythm with his movements. I orgasmed. My love juices dripped off my tongue almost like it was saliva.

Suddenly, I felt other strange sensations in my body. It was the Madman. He was changing my body even more as we were having sex. The tongue hadn't been there before we started. He put it there, and now, he was doing something else. It was my nipples. They were changing too. They were starting to puff out. They were growing longer! I looked down helplessly at my strange chest. As if my five breasts weren't odd enough, all the nipples on them were growing longer. They were already out to about three inches, and still growing rapidly. Yet, they weren't just growing. They were changing shape too. The tips of the elongated nipples were reforming. The shape was starting to look familiar, but I couldn't quite place it. The growth halted at about the six inch mark. I now had five long nipples standing out firm from my five large breasts. Why did they stick out so? I rubbed at one of them with my arm above my hard hoof. The nipple was very stiff, almost a familiar stiffness. The tip of the nipple was still reforming. Then, I realized why it was familiar. It was taking the shape of a penis. Each of my nipple tips now had the shape of a man's cock. The familiar mushroom shape and vertical slit were there. The size was similar too. Each of my five nipples stood out proudly from my breasts like six erect penises. As the nipple ceased transforming, even the familiar bulging veins of an erect cock stood out on the sides of the nipples.

"What have you done to me!" I shouted at the Madman, followed by my silly, piggish squeal and oink.

He didn't respond. He just grabbed two of the strange nipples and yanked on them. Two powerful streams of my lactation shot out forcefully from the vertical slits of the two nipples tips as he pulled. Unlike my previous lactations, this one sent waves of pleasure through me, almost like an orgasm. The Madman pulled on them again with the exact same effect. My nipples had taken on a kind of milk penis form. Every time I squirted out milk, I received the same sensation that a man would if he were squirting out cum. I wasn't lactating the milk, I was ejaculating my milk through my milk penises. The Madman continued to grab, squeeze, and pull at my five nipples, each of them spraying him with sheets of my sweet, warm milk. He put one of my nipples in his mouth and started to suck on it. Loads of my milk squirted into his mouth. He drink as much as he could, and let the rest of it drain down his chin. The feel of each squirt was orgasmic. I sighed loudly with the pleasure it created. Each of my sighs was followed by more silly-sounding pig squeals and oinks.

"Damn snout!" I yelled, followed by a really loud oink.

"Perhaps I can change that for you, my dear." After the Madman spoke these words, I felt my nose immediately begin to change again. It was growing longer! It was almost like I was Pinochio or something, except it was reshaping too. It was reshaping as my nipples had done.

"Oh no!" I yelled. It didn't stop. My nose grew out to six inches in length, and took the form of a cock. My nose stood out like an erect six inch penis. I could no longer breathe through it. I had lost my sense of smell as also. My dick nose was starting to squirt out milk as well, just as my nipples had done, but my nose didn't seem to need any stimulation. It was spraying on its own, and with each squirt, it sent more waves of rapture through my body.

I tried to yell again, but all that came out of my mouth was a strange mumble. Another change was occurring. The tongue in my mouth was now changing. It too was growing longer. It grew too long to hold in my mouth. I strained to look down at it. It too was growing into a penis shape. Within a matter of seconds, my old tongue was gone, and I had yet another penis-like structure on my body. Unlike my nipples and nose, this structure wasn't stiff. It was more limber. In fact, I had great control over it. I found that I could move my penis tongue around like a regular tongue, except even more so because it was longer. I could not speak with it though. Every time I tried to make an utterance, it came out all garbled and incomprehensible. I was drooling terribly as well. I couldn't pull the tongue back completely into my mouth, and my saliva dripped down it.

The Madman leaned into me. He tilted his head to avoid my long nose. He wrapped his lips around my tongue in a strange kind of kiss. I kissed him back, using my penis tongue to deep kiss him. He sucked on my phallic tongue as I flicked it throughout his mouth. My tongue started to spray milk just as my nose continued to do. Milk was flowing freely into his mouth and over his face. He then pulled away from the kiss. At that moment, my five nipples started to squirt lactation as well. All seven of my penis structures were now actively ejaculating milk. Seven very strong streams of milk shot out from each of my five breasts, my nose, and my tongue. They showed no signs of stopping. I looked down at my nipples, spraying like miniature fire hoses. I tried to clinch one nipple off with my two hoof hands, but it just caused the milk to fan out and spray with even greater pressure. I looked up pleadingly, but the Madman had already slipped out of the barn. I was alone, and leaving a big puddle of milk on the floor. The hay near me was quickly getting drenched. I was soon standing in a messy pile of wet hay. My seven phallic structures showed no sign of stopping. I couldn't even think properly. The waves of bliss continued. My orgasmic feelings were running just as nonstop as the milk was. I was running full force with no way of stopping it. The Madman had just left me here in a continuous state of lactation and orgasm.

It went on for hours like that. The whole floor was covered in milk drenched hay. I finally passed out at some point from the exhaustion of my continuous orgasm. When I awoke, the milk was no longer flowing. The floor had returned to its normal dry state somehow. Everything was returned to normal, except for me of course. I now had yet another new body. All the phallic structures on my body had disappeared. I looked in the mirror and saw what appeared to be some strange kind of harpy body. My lower body was now that of a chicken, except bigger, in proportion with my normal-human-sized upper body. I still had no arms. Large wings extended from off of my human shoulders. I spread them out, and they spanned a great distance, but they easily folded up behind my human back. I had no feet, but rather the talons of a chicken. Other than the wings, my upper body was like my usual self, except that I had four breasts instead of two. It was obvious to me that the Madman liked bodily structures to suck, whether they be penis-like or breast-like. I was also apparent to me that he had some strange attraction to animals too. Why did he have to pick me to play out his strange sexual fantasies? What had I done to deserve this horrible treatment? Seemingly right on cue, the Madman then entered the barn through his secret entrance.

He looked at me and started laughing. "You know, I've always loved Kentucky Fried Chicken, but your chicken breasts look much tastier."

I wanted to yell at him some more, but I instead snickered at his pathetic attempt at humor. He looked over my new body lustfully. It was obvious that he wanted sex again. I complied with his wishes, even though it disgusted me. I wanted to be free. I wanted to scream at the Madman. I wanted to demand that he let me go. I knew it would not do me any good. For him, there were only two options. Either I stayed here as his sexual pet, or I died. If I wanted freedom, I would have to take it myself. I didn't know how, but I knew that I would need arms in order to stand a good chance of escape. Then what? Even if I could escape, it would be as some hideous monstrosity of this man's creation. It didn't matter. I couldn't worry about that now. I just had to be free. Freedom would be my first goal, returning to normal would come later.

As the Madman was suckling at one of my four breasts, I started to cry. It wasn't from frustration, the tears were intentional. I realized that sweet, sad talk would get me a lot further with this nut than screaming and shouting.

He pulled away from my breast immediately. "What is the matter, my little chickadee? Don't like the chicken form huh?"

"Actually, I love birds." I said in my most pitiful sounding voice.

"Then what is the matter?"

"I just wish that I had arms to go along with the wings."

"Ah," The Madman nodded. "You miss your arms. Well, I think that you have been good these past couple of days. Perhaps you can have some hands to go with you chicken legs tomorrow." He said with a grin.

I smiled at him. "That would be wonderful, but..."

He looked at me suspiciously. "But what? I hope you're not going to ask me to change you back into a human, because I will not do it."

"Oh," I continued with a big warm smile. "I understand that. I was just thinking that a chicken is kind of a stupid bird. I mean, it is not nearly as beautiful or graceful as say a eagle or a hawk."

The Madman considered my statement for a moment, and then started to nod. "Yes, you may be right. I don't know. I'll think about it." He then got up to leave. "Maybe I'll surprise you tomorrow. In the meantime, you spend the rest of the day in this form, perhaps you won't think chickens are so stupid after you spend an entire day as one." He then left, leaving me to spend the rest of the day as a silly half woman half chicken creature.

The following morning, I awoke to discover that my request had indeed been granted. I was now what appeared to be a hawk harpy. Like the chicken harpy, my lower hawk body was proportioned to human size. I had hawk talons instead of feet. From the waist up, my body was that of my normal human female self, except for the wings and the breasts again, as well as a beak, which replaced my usual nose and mouth. I touched my beak with my hands, my beautiful, dexterous, human hands! My beak was hard and very sharp at the end, much like a regular hawk's beak, except larger. Instead of coming out of my human shoulders, my large hawk wings emerged from my upper back. I was very curious as to whether my wings actually worked or not. I had full control over them. I could spread them out and fold them behind me with ease. But could I actually fly with them? I doubted it. I had never tried to use a pair of wings to fly before. Plus, the six large breasts on my chest certainly weren't very streamlined. I had six breasts, arranged in three rows of two, and each of them appeared to be about D-cup in size. How could I expect to fly with all of these boobies?

I decided to give it a try anyway. I spread my wings, and flapped them fiercely as I leaped into the air. I took off immediately. I was amazed. I actually flew across the barn. I took a rather rough landing and went tumbling into the hay, but I flew nonetheless. I tried it again. It was surprisingly easy for me to fly. I had no difficulty whatsoever. I even landed softly the second time.

At that moment, the Madman entered. I looked at him, and suddenly got an idea. It would have to be now. Now was the time for my escape. He was still much stronger than I, but I now had hands. In addition, I now had speed and flight on my side. This new form was quick and graceful, even with the six large breasts. I may never get this chance again. Most of the other bodies that I had inhabited here had been clumsy, weak, and slow. I had to strike now, and I had to strike quickly.

I leaped into the air and flew full force toward him. I launched toward him like a screaming missile ready to explode. I smashed into him. I sent him flying backward. He fell roughly to the ground. I sunk the claws on my talons deep into his chest, drawing blood. I sent the large hawk beak on my human face smashing into his eye. It sliced right through the soft flesh. I choked his neck with both of my hands as I hammered my beak viciously into his bloody eye socket, peaking toward his brain. Before he ever had time to react, he was dead. I had moved with lightening quickness to kill the bastard. With a joyous sense of liberation, I went rocketing toward the ceiling of the barn. I shot up, full speed, crashing my beak into the skylight at the top of the barn. It shattered as I expected it would. The broken pieces cut me slightly, but I managed to escape relatively undamaged. I soared high into the sky, feeling the cool, fresh air hit my face. I was finally free! I couldn't help but let a strange-sounding laugh escape my beak as I thought of the old Lynyrd Skynyrd song. I was a free bird, quite literally. I would have to get use to the strange sounds of my laughter. I could speak, but the voice was at a different pitch, and the words were all slurred because my mouth was now a beak. It would definitely take some getting used to, but then, I would have to get used to a lot.

It was at that moment that I realized that, in my rage, I had made a dreadful mistake. Why had I killed the Madman? I could have just as easily broken through the skylight without killing him first. I could have flown to the authorities. Maybe they could have forced him to change me back. I killed him because of anger. I wanted him to pay for what he had done to me. What if no one can discover how he transformed me? What if he was the only one capable of performing these transformations? I could have killed the only chance I had to return to normal. The secret of his transformations may have died with him. What would I do if they had? How could I possibly live? I am free, but what kind of freedom is there for a six-breasted hawk harpy really? I was free of the barn, but I feared that the Madman may have imprisoned me forever, imprisoned me inside my own body. People would be afraid of me as I am now. People are afraid of what is different. They are uncomfortable around people they cannot classify as something normal. They would look at me with disgust. I may be stuck like this for the rest of my life. Even if I could get used to living in this body, could other people ever come to except me? Is there anyone out there who can appreciate the beauty of diversity? And accept me for who I am?

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