Multiple Breast Stories Page 1

Multiple Breast Stories Page 1

G.A.L. by Phalus
A prisoner is sentenced to become a sex slave and to have her body transformed to accommodate.

Stranded by Cleo Kraft
A stranded traveler has an encounter with a tribe of winged centaurs.

Specifics by Dorf
Amanda buys some Bosom Soda from the mall in an attempt to get back at her boyfriend and to feel needed by others.

The Problem with Magical Bras and Another Problem with Magical Bras by Hawke
Magical bras can provide small-chest women with bigger breasts, but certain problems can arise from their use.

Recalling a Time by Hawke
Tigeras uses ancient magic to show the advantages of having a more feline form.

A Problem To Be “were” Of by Tigeras
A were cow runs into some unexpected difficulties.

Demon Curse Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 by Beowolf
After discovering a necklace at ancient ruins, Marsha has an encounter with Ardovek, King of the demons, who transforms her into a demoness.

Alice in Pornoland by Hot Dog
Alice, in a familiar story with a much more erotic setting.

Bodyshoppe by Eebly
When a couple high school students sneak into the Bodyshoppe after it closes, some interesting changes occur.

The Secret Diary of Jane Alde by Bill Mann
Carl uses the Custom Genetics Inc. lab and some tiger DNA for his own devious purposes.

Dream Body by Dave23
A woman gets her dream body.

I Should Have Known It
Two friends invest in a very effective self-help book about losing your negative self-image.

Rearrange by SJR
Randall Williams specializes in providing his rich clients with whatever they want, even when they want a multibreasted sex kitten.

Payback by Villion
Sam had no idea that his girlfriend was a witch, but after dumping her for a new woman, it doesn't take either him or his new lover long to figure it out.

Heat by Birdie
Two lovers are blessed with some extras.

Ranma's New Look by Toolman19
Ranma probably won't have to worry about running low on milk anymore.

Battle of Wutai Cliffs by Toolman19
Doggerels leave two women with a couple of gifts they won't be able to exchange.

Thank God I'm a Country Boy by Agent M
A salesman encounters some strange sisters on a remote farm.

Quite the Handful by Trainmaster
Jimmy finds a magic lamp on his way back from a night of carousing.

Clinical Trial by Zebra
A new medical treatment has some serious side effects.

The Image by Paul Jutras
A couple’s lives change forever after trying on some magical swimsuits at a clothing store.

Dust on the Mind by Paul Jutras
A musician and his backup singers go through some intense changes after being given a magic harp.

Tinkering with the Artifact by Nanomage
A scientist discovers the power of an ancient alien artifact.

Got Milk? by Charles1326
Even though this growth hormone was made for bovines, it has some wonderful effects on humans as well.

Human Milk Farm by Dr. Bob
Two friends become the latest additions to an unusual type of farm.

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