Multiple Breast Stories Page 2

Multiple Breast Stories Page 2

A Warlock’s Revenge Part 1 Part 2 by Lisa L.
A Warlock exacts some fierce revenge after getting rebuffed at a nightclub

Because I Said So by Flash Hider
A busy college student learns the power of the written word.

Bouncy by Changer
Jack is a fan of big bouncy breasts, or at least until he runs into a sorceress.

Laura’s Revenge by Changer
Paul, Phil, and Andy wake up to discover that they should be careful what they say.

Louise Bites Back Part 1 Part 2 by Big Tit Lover
A Witch takes revenge on Emma and others.

Black And White by Sweet T
Carla uses her special gift to bring two women of different races closer together.

First Kiss by Alpha Taurus
Jaina and her lover finally share their first kiss after the changes.

My Exotic Creature by Jas
Lindy and Julie discover the wonders that several tubes of magic creams can provide.

A Diary Princess' Revenge Part 1 Part 2 by CowPoke
A reunion of the Diary Princesses turns ugly when one of them gets revenge on the others for having called her a “cow.”

Swamped! by CowPoke
Three fugitives find more to run from than just the law while escaping through a swamp.

Island by Pete Lesser
Madison discovers a very unusual secret island.

A Midwinter Night’s Dream by Melissandre
Kate has the chance to make her midwinter night’s dream a reality.

Voracious (with illustration) by JMorph
Jasmine discovers a well which helps her realize her love for Irene as well as much more.

Runaway by JMorph
Sandra and Alice encounter an unexpected obstacle as fugitives from justice.

Sidewalk Cafe by Nadsat
Someone listens to the conversation of two women at a sidewalk cafe as they discuss one unusual lady.

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