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In A.R. 2101, war was beginning.

The stalwart rule of the Spiral Emperor over the Galaxy

is challenged by the Irredentist Army of the deranged Stra-Kuhl.

With a direct confrontation imminent, the elite Photon Knights are dispatched to raid

the Dark Lord's newest installation so as to discern, if not to foil, his undoubtedly dastardly plan...

... But while that goes on, you've got a galaxy to explore. The Empire was fractured, perhaps permanently, by the last Scourge Lord that managed to take over, and petty tirants and trade republics rule most of the known galaxy. In the meantime, there's gold to be made, ice-nine to be stolen, convoys to escort, gangster planets to teach the meaning of friendship to (and skim a piece of the action off the top, of course) and starbases to board with plasma hatchets and missile pistols.

In your grandfather's day, the Galactic Empire fell. Will you help rebuild, or feast on what's left for just desserts?

All considered, it's a good time to be alive.

HistoryCombat and Skill Check SystemCharacter Sheet Sample
GlossarySkills and BackgroundsGeneric NPC
Science and Tech LevelEconomics and Equipment?(Tougher version)
KarmatronicsWeaponsSami Yan, cyborg merc
Cultural Notes?ArmorDee_Characters
RacesVessel Sheet Layout?Mao, space mechanic
Starmaps?, Planet typesSample VesselsFleb Snorg, stormtrooper first class
Photos? Jan?, Fwee bravo
The Rump Empires and the Breakaway Kingdoms Ick, sqid hobo
Religions? and philosophies 
Notable Figures? 
Legends, Rumors, Stories, Metafiction 
Adventure Seeds? Blank Clasew Sheet
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