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Knights of the void.

Kateryn Cobham, OTV 1st class, Lieutenant RAF
Description:A young woman with red hair, a short temper, and a bottomless stomach.
Bio:Born in Halcyon County to a dairymaid and an unknown father. Joined the Royal Air Force to be more like her idol, Sir Harker, and followed him into the Royal Rocket Corps when he left. Eventualy surpassed him and became the first person in space.
Charles Harker, Count of Halcyon, OTV 1st class, Capitan RAF
Description:A masked man with a reputation for flamboyant death defying stunts. The mask conceals horrific burn scars from a failed attempt at breaking the sound barrier.
Bio:The last Surviving member of the house of Halcyon. His mother died in childbirth and his father died in the war. Despite representing the last of a noble family, Charles has always taken excessive risks for a man of his station. He was a playboy and a duelist as a youth, and became an ace fighter pilot during the war. After the war he retired to become a test pilot, forming his own aviation company and trying to break the sound barrier in a custom jet airplane. After a failed attempt which left his body covered in horrific burns, he eventually achieved his goal. Now he seeks to push himself even further in the Royal Rocket Corps.
Prince Orion, Son of Tarus, OTV2nd class
Description:A young islander with brown skin, tribal tattoos, and impressive shoulders.
Bio:Orion is the son of Taurus, a powerful chieftess of the eastern islands. He traveled to Tannhauser island following the rockets launched by the RRC, seeking to join the Moon Princess in her adventure.
Elizabeth Palmer, Lieutenant RN, OTV3rd class
Description:A stout woman with short curly black hair and strong arms.
Bio:Grew up in Firthbery to a fishing family, joined the Royal navy during the war and became a fighter pilot. Considers the RRC to be the next logical step in her career.
Christopher Grenefeld, OTV3rd class
Description:A middle aged man with glasses and a gray comb-over haircut.
Bio:A civilian aviator who joined the RRC because he wanted to see earth from space.

The Royal Family and retainers.

The KingKing of Midland, Lord of house gates, Protector of the western isles, Bearer of the mask of SolGD 655Lydia's distant father. Ascended the throne in GD 680. His reign is marked by the last great war against the Nordic kingdoms.A stern looking man with a slender build and short black hair. Wears square rimmed spectacles which he habitually pushes up with his thumbs.
Queen Lydia Brunhilde Von Cygnus Gates the secondQueen of Midland, Matriarch of house Cygnus, Bearer of the mask of GaiaState secret ;)A Woman of the legendary house Cygnus. Named after it's founder the black swan of Midland. Her marriage to the king in GD 681 is considered by many midlanders to be the happiest event in Modern history. Despite this, little is known about her life before she became queen.
Prince Michel Lohengrin Von Cygnus Gates the FirstCrown Prince of Midland, Captain of the HMS StaberindeGD 682Born into a time of war, the crown prince of midland joined the royal navy and rose through the ranks to become the Captain of the Stabrinde, Midland's largest and most powerful warship.
Princess Lydia Tannhäuser Von Cygnus Gates the thirdPrincess of Midland, Duchess of Tannhauser, Director of the Royal Rocketry Corps, Bearer of the mask of LunaGD 697Our Heroine. Born near the end of the great war, Lydia was tutored by Dame Minerva Palas, the creator of the radio-reactive bomb. On her 16th birthday she followed in her teacher's footsteps and became the director of the Royal Rocketry Corps, and was reluctantly awarded the mask of Luna by the Royal Astrological society.
The young PrincePrince of MidlandGD 705The youngest member of the royal family.An adorable little monster.
Amelia BefortRoyal BFFGD 698The Princess's best friend, daughter of the royal wet nurse and an unknown father.A young girl one year older than Lydia, with dark hair and blue eyes.
Alejandro PerroLord Protector of the Royal FamilyGD 687Lydia's bodyguard, an orphan trained from a young age by a secretive sect of warrior monks from the western islands.A roguish looking man with quiet eyes and greasy black hair.
David LuxonButler of Tannhäuser manor. Warrant officer in the Royal MarinesGD 676Lydia's personal butler. Served in the Royal Marine corps in the great war as a medic, stationed in the eastern islands.A tall gaunt man with prematurely graying hair and a handlebar mustache.
CottonballRoyal PetGD 711Lydia's pet ChinchillaAn animated blob of white fur.

Royal Rocketry Corps Staff

ColonelSmith, ThomasGD 667The Regimental commander of the Royal Rocketry Corps 
N/APallas, MinervaGD 655Inventor of the Radio-reactive bomb and personal tutor to Lydia and Amelia. Knighted for her work she is called Dame Pallas by her peers, Professora Minerva by her students, and The elemental witch by her enemies. She originally wanted to invent radio-reactive power for peaceful uses and regrets creating such a deadly weapon. In penance she has become a strict pacifist and vegetarian.A stern looking woman with long brown hair tied up in a bun. Wears conservative black dresses regardless of the weather.
Master SergentAdell, JerrodineGD 683The leader of the Royal Rocket Corps' computers, a team of young women preforming the Corps' mathmatical calculations by hand. Sergent Adell is also a skilled electrical engineer and is developing an automatic computer to make her job easier.
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