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These are the places where the rules differ from SpaceCore's WhatGoesUp Rules.

Dice Mechanics
The standard roll is 2d10 for something that has never been successfully done before, 2d10-2 for something that is routine.

Reliability limits
No part can be raised above 5/10 without being built as a physical prototype. No part can be raised above 10/15 without being fully tested, preferably in space.

Only one first stage is needed for launches, the orbital insertion burn may be preformed by either a first stage or upper stage thrusters.

Thruster formula
To make Orbital Insertion or lunar landing/takeoff burns, a thruster must have 1 mass for every 10 mass of spacecraft including fuel (round up). Only one thruster is needed for all other burns, although at the GM's discretion some burns may simply take too long with smaller engines.

Fuel use formula
To make any burn with thrusters, one unit of fuel is consumed for every 10 mass of spacecraft including fuel (roundup). More efficient engines may be discovered as the story progresses.

A turn in midland is a unit of time measuring approximately half a lunar month, or a turn of the moon. Because of this rations containers also only contain a single ration instead of two.

A recycler does not need endurance to be used, but instead reduces the amount of rations consumed by the crew every turn by half upon a successful roll. On a Fail it does nothing, and on a boom it destroys an extra unit of rations, if no more rations exist it instead injures one of the crew by poisoning them.

Power use
Spacecraft need power to operate for longer than a single duration step. Spacecraft can get power in two ways. For manned spacecraft: Rations include fuel cells which power the spacecraft enough to keep it running as long as the crew keeps consuming them. Unmanned spacecraft use RTGs and Photovoltaic panels to gain power. Some spacecraft might need more power to keep specific systems running, the following systems require extra power:

  • Habitats
  • Recyclers
  • Radio modules
  • Telivision modules

Lunar Missions
Because of the time scale, missions to and from the moon only have 1 durration step coming and another step going. The burns have also been simplified with the Homeword burn stage only requires a single burn instead of two.

Lunar Landing
Only one burn is required to land on the lunar surface from orbit, or enter lunar orbit from the lunar surface. However unlike normal burns, the fuel use is 1 unit of fuel for every 5 units of mass. This is to encourage smaller, lighter lunar landers.

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