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Spacecraft of the Royal Rocket Corps
Launch Vehicles

Mk3b Barachiel3318/20Outdated rocket used as a first stage for the Mk2 satelite and second stage for the pathfinder.
Mk4a Archangel6618/19The standard launch vehicle for the pathfinder spacecraft.
Mk5c Cheribum121216/18The {heavy} Medium launch vehicle to replace the archangel.
Mk6s Seraphim181812/16The new heavy launch vehicle


Pathfinder capsule1/3218/19First manned spacecraft
Halcyon Aviation Meteor 22/4218/19A 2 man suborbital trainer.
Halcyon Aviation Meteor 32/8614/16Sir Harker's re-usable maned space-plane
Trailblazer capsule1/8715/18An extended range space capsule for lunar spaceflight
Codename: Hecate1/8710/15An airless lander capable of landing on and taking off from the lunar surface


MK21/1N/A19/20The first artificial satellite, refitted from a ballistic missile
Pathfinder Satellite1/3218/19An unmanned version of the pathfinder adapted for use as a satellite or lunar probe.


RCS1N/A19/20A Reaction control system for attitude control and orbital menuvers.
Hawtry void engine1/3219/20Professor Hawtry's thruster optimized for use in vacuum.
Cheribum Upper Stage1/5417/20An upscaled version of the previous for use on the Cheribum, Carries twice as much fuel.
Titan lunar injection stage1/10915/18A high energy stage designed to send large paylaods to the moon.


MiniVac119/20Unmanned guidenceA minatuized terminal for MultiVAC
Radio119/20WaylightA radio-transmitter reciever
Color Camera119/20MapperA camera which takes full color pictures on photographic plates which must be recovered
Telivison camera119/20MapperA camera which takes black and white pictures which can be transmitted wirelessly back to earth
Photo-voltaic power cells119/20Power supplyA power source that supplies 10 points of power in the sunlight
Radio-thermal power cells119/20Power supplyA power source that supplies 5 points of power constantly.
Hawtry extra vehicular maneuver gear119/20EVAAn improved spacesuit allowing a void knight to preform spacewalks.
Lunar buggy110/15CartA one man rover for use on the moon's surface. Powered by fuel cells which last one turn

Other Facilities

MultiVAC319/20Multi-Variable Automatic Computer, 3 in Tannhäuser, 1 in Stonefield, 1 gifted to Castle Gates. 1 gifted to the SSC
Radio-Reactive pile510/16A dangerous radio-alchemical experiment that Transmutes radioelements into weapons grade producing dangerous amounts of heat and harmful rays in the process.
Stonefield radio-telescope519/20The world's third largest radio array.
Taurus radio-teliscope106/11The worlds new largest radio array.
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